Hugo | Characters

Hugo | Characters

Hugo by Powerz
 Gender: Male
 Height: 6ft
 Created: May 7th, 2006
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Hugo is half orc half human, but he\'s never been told this before as it\'s a crime for an orc to even like a human let alone make sweet, sweet love with one, which leads me to the point of why Hugo\'s in Void. He\'s a Humaphile. (It means he likes the human boot-tay) Which in Orc law is the same as being a paedophilic rapist with a foot fetish in Western law. His dad was \"raped\" by a human women, 9 months later Hugo popped out, but as he looked more like an orc then a human he had to live with his dad. Hugo\'s father doesn\'t tell him about his mother as he wants him to live a normal orc life (and he doesn\'t want to go jail for having sex with a human ) so i says his mother orc died, but when he finds him watching one of his human porn VCR\'s he forces him to live in void for awhile to see what he prefers more. Human life or Orc life.

Well Hugo\'s about 19 in Human years, he\'s 6ft and has a toned body thanks too his orc genes. In his home village he was a loser, weakest in his class and he never had the anger management issues the rest of the pupils had, so his school life sucked monkey balls. One thing he did learn in Battle ED was how to throw axes, which he was the best in the class at (as everyone else liked melee weapons as they think ranged is for pansies) He did have a few crushes on some of the orc chics in school, but they never felt the same. He\'s a romantic and orc chics don\'t like that shit, but it seems to get that human lay-dee\'s pretty wel (or maybe is the monster sized monster penis.) Overall he\'s a nice guy and wouldn\'t hurt a fly, but he would crush anyone if they diss his village, his greenness or his tooth. Also he has a hatred for human males as he\'s been raised to see them as the enemy since childhood. Those things make him get the famous Orc rage. When he\'s in a rage he doesn\'t look much different. The only real difference is he uses his throwing axes up close and personal and its MESSY!

Hugo\'s life in Void so far has caused him many highjynxs and he\'s even become part of a group called The Repatriates. He\'s started to fit in well and have fun in his new home, so well in fact he decided to join Dr Fabulous on his journey to the moon, however he was jumped by Nova and got his neck slit and left for dead. This was a wake up cool to Hugo as he would of never let this happen before he came to Void City. Because of this he\'s been feeling less and less \"orcish\". So he\'s decided to act more grown up and less like a child...even though he\'s still one.

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