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Ancelin by Rose
 Title: Void's Most Eligible Bachelorette 2022
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'11"
 Created: April 12th, 2006
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A brief summary of Queen Ancelin d'Endroit:
Ancelin immigrated from France as a Freshman at Void City University, where she graduated with a BFA in Fashion Design, specializing in robotics and combat gear, before entering the College of Advanced Fashion to get a Master's Degree in Fashion Design for Combat Equipment and Robotics.

Her schooling was, however, interrupted by the Hiemie Impact Incident in 2013, in which most of her professors were killed.

Ever the persistent one, Ancelin rebuilt from the ashes. She combined the funds deposited by Hiemie with the remaining resources and assets of Hughes R&D, a consulting company specializing in robotics and synthetic chemicals owned by her uncle, Hyman Hughes. With their combined assets (and possibly the aid of unknown benefactors), Renaissance Mall was born, a beacon of hope that Void City could rebuild and become as prosperous as ever.

Notable among the usual array of businesses found in a shopping center are a conspicuous abundance of dojos and studios centered around all disciplines of hand-to-hand combat, which Ancelin is known to visit often. Some have claimed that such businesses are given special discounts in exchange for these visits.

At the very top of Renaissance Mall is Ancelin's fashion studio and clothing store, as well as her personal apartment. Her clothing ranges from carefully-fashioned everyday wear to the iconic geometric and structural designs of her runway looks and combat equipment, and she has made contracts throughout the years to style the wealthy and famous from all across Void City and its neighboring locales. She is also known to donate used clothing often to secondhand shops and charitable organizations.

During the Hellraiser event of 2020, Ancelin surprised Void City by revealing an emergency evacuation plan for Renaissance Mall and everyone in it, transplanting the mall to a small mountain outside of the city before the Hellraisers could lock everyone in. To even greater surprise, the returned to the city shortly after, bringing the mountain and all of its residents with her. In the aftermath of this Armageddon-level event, Ancelin has expanded her territory, establishing Renaissance District as an affordable and safe neighborhood for refugees of the Hellraiser event and for those in need. She has provided city-wide care packages to supplement the efforts of the city in recovering from this event.

Due to her charitable work and her leadership in ending the reign of Mayor Vilelinko (AKA "The Smile"), Ancelin became Queen of Void City in 2021. While the Smile's existence seems to have been completely erased, his influence remained as factions of the NVCPD took matters into their own hands. As a result, Queen Ancelin has disbanded the police force, redistributing funding instead on social programs aimed at helping communities manage themselves, with vigilante heroes and other do-gooders leading the charge in keeping the people of Void safe.

Notable connections:
- Associated with Hiemie the Fishboy as part of the Cock Rockers pre-meteor
- Long-time friend of former NVCPD officer Regi and the young witch Gwen
- Acquaintance of Raymond "Raygun" Reagan, leader of the Danger Rangers
- Sparring partner of Dairyu
- Coordinated relief efforts in the Old Docks with Chica Chicana and El Catador, under the direction of Kurt
- Allied with the Egg Dealer, Akira Matzugi, Gwen, Regi, Croi Ulari, and Buster Jones in the defeat of Mayor Vilelinko and his followers
- BFFs with Hana Rahal

What is canon?
Short answer: Nothing, just do whatever the fuck you want!
Long answer: In general, I will accept the canon of whichever battle wins. Certain major plot points in her story will be considered exceptions, and the effects of those exceptions will be shown in future comics. (Notable exceptions include establishing Renaissance Mall in Scarmageddon 2013, expanding Renaissance District in the final round of the 2020 Tag Team Tournament, and abolishing the NVCPD in the first round of the 2021 Faster than Light Tournament)

Ancelin d'Endroit is a fashion designer (specializing in robotics/combat gear) who likes to fight a LOT and runs Renaissance District and Renaissance Mall within that district. She became Queen in 2021 after Election Royale, and abolished the police in 2022 during the Faster than Light Tournament.

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