J-Jet | Characters

J-Jet | Characters

J-Jet by Neoriceisgood
 Gender: Male
 Height: 6'4 ( 8'2 with hai
 Created: April 9th, 2006
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J-Jet's origin (and thus race) are somewhat mysterious (plus points for originality there); he claims to be a "child of the ocean"; and many believe he is the offspring of a deity and a human, and taking in account that he doesn't know who the hell his father is; Chances are he's actually a son of Posseidon (Or Neptune if you prefer that name) concidering we all know how much those greek gods enjoyed getting it on,

in his youth J-Jet was found to be a natural surfer; and due to that he was raised to become one of the greatest surfers of his home village, many of the people honoured him; as somehow his presence prevented shark attacks among the surfers of the town, this was clearly a reason why he wasn't considered a demon of somekind because of his appearance, but more of a blessing; considering his presence meant safety for other surfers.

As he grew older it became quite clear that the weird stubs he had for hands were not a handicap, but in fact undeveloped sharks that were growing from his limbs; and with the development of his shark hands, his true strength started coming above water, and he became not only the best surfer; but also the strongest man of the village.

A few years after being trained by an old samurai that resided at their town (Don't ask) J-Jet was accustomed to using his powers for self defence; and came to realise what tricks he (literaly) had up his sleeve.

Knowing that his fighting capability had now surpassed his surfing capability the old samurai adviced J-Jet to go out and find other "gifted ones" like himself, to learn more of his origin, the world; and everything like that.

From one thing came another, and J-Jet left his home town to search for others like himself,

sadly he took a wrong turn when looking for a Mc Donalds to eat, and stranded in a desert.

- (Currently known) Fighting Abillities-

1- When getting into a "worthy" fight (Mostly other fighters) his "hands" will suddenly grow a full set of teeth and become fierce weapons capable of shredding quite a few things to oblivion

2-teeth regeneration: Being partly shark, he has their natural capability of regrowing his teeth after losing a few (On all three of his mouths); which allows him to attempt attacking thick armour etc. without having a huge handicap afterwards.

3-Teeth Cannon, as he can regenerate the teeth on his hands, he's also capable of letting go of the old ones if they break or such; however he also uses this as a fighting abillity where he shoots a rain of teeth out of he shark mouth for fighting at a safer distance

4-Submerge: For some reason J-Jet finds it as easy to dive into concrete as in the ocean, resulting in him being capable of suddenly "swimming" under the streets of void city in the classic manner of only his fin being seen before attacking; like an actual shark, Though often this skill leaves little intact of the local sightings, as he completely shreds the scenery appart while swimming under it;

His attack style mostly consists out of his shark hands popping up to bite someone, this move is mostly there because it looks damn awesome; and it makes him stealthy in a manner (When he's fully submerged)

5-Shark Surfer; J-Jet summons a surfboard out of thin air, and rides a tidal wave while at it; concidering his natural talent in surfing this often gives him a great advantage over others as he can overcome his speed disadvantage due to his short legs while doing this;

an interesting thing to note is that summoning the surfboard appears to automatically summon a tidal wave aswell; and it's highly questionable if he couldn't just use the tidal wave as a weapon instead, concidering it manages to destroy the scenery just as much as his submerging tactics;

6-Shark control; J-Jet has complete mind control of any shark near him, so when fighting near sharks; J-Jet has alot of minions to assist him.

7-Torpedo Crash; In theory, JJet can use this attack to blast himself towards an opponent at an extreme speed, and pierce them on his sharp spiked hair,
This is one of the latest aquired moves of JJet, and he hasn't mastered it yet, resulting in him often blasting off in the wrong direction when using it; for this reason this attack is -only- used in spar matches and the sort, as the chance of it working is too minimal for him to waste time on it in a life threatening battle of sort.

8- Effect of unnecessary threat: When J-Jet starts threatening non-excistant objects; he often gets his will, it is still unclear if this is just plain luck, or an actual power.

--------------- Random Facts -----------------------

1. J-Jet doesn't have any real hands due to the sharks, however he has mastered minor psychic abillities, so instead of grabbing things he's more inclined to move them with his mind; however as they're just minor, they're not a battleworthy skill; and thus are only used for things like eating, writing, using the phone and other things such as;

When moving heavy objects J-Jet will most likely use his sharkheads as hands; however this often results in damaging whatever he's moving due to the shark teeth.

2. The "C" on J-Jet's bandana was given to him by an old rival of his when he beat him in a surfing contest, as a token of honour and friendship; due to his history with this guy the object has sentimental value to J-Jet.

3. J-jet wears a surfsuit/bodysuit, over that a red apron; and over that his hawaiian t-shirt; in case anyone for whatever reason decides it's a good idea to have him take off his shirt in a battle.

4. J-Jet's right eye is infact perfectly functional, however he has it closed when "idle"; He only tends to open it up when underwater or in a cave; as it's a lot more light sensitive than his left eye.

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