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 Gender: Male
 Height: 1.75 mts
 Created: January 7th, 2006
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So there was this day when user aRc_ came to VOID city to pick fights and game (yes game) a lot of deathmatches but mostly one on one OSP style matches, cause theres nothing better than that.. okay hold on, you say user \'aRc_\', why is that? -well you see, hes\' the evergoing game-a-lot character that Vinnie Veritas uses on games, and altho he seems like Vinnie, he is not Vinnie..

So he doesnt like.. come from any place or city?, -nope,.. ooh, so he is like a virtual dude?, -nah.. hmm, how about a distant future? a different realm? a twilight zone?, -NO, hes\' just aRc_ and all you need to know is that he has played so many games in his life that he knows how to battle.

complete dialogue++

You see this \"hacked junk spawn jacket\" hes wearing, I.. I really dont know how it works man, I just saw the other day he pulled a chainsaw out of the sleeve -whoa awesome- no man, wait, he pulled a car from there too -hahaha h4x-, INDEED..

does he do like karate? or something?, -kinda, he doesnt like to combat hand to hand, you know, like fisting th.. -LOL FISTING- hahah eww, okay he doesnt like to use his FISTS to hit things, okay? you perv; hes a dodger man, I tell you, and he throws whatever he can find to you -badass-, meh.
weapons, does he like to shoot weapons? or hes like a swordsman?? .. well, weapons you see, what is a weapon nowadays? - aww man, fuck you, Im asking if he like goes triggerhappy sometimes with a gun..- hmm, dunno, maybe, I guess if you have like uber-micro for all the keys and eagle-eye railgun aimbot integrated in your brain, yeah, I mean you cant go FPS without shooting guns -ohh, so he aint a sword slashing crazy asshat? -dunno, maybe with an umbrella or a maze, or maybe even a candy cane big enough you know hahah thatd be awesome -yeah lol, who knows what the hell hes hiding on that jacket-

so heres like some hints on his weaknesses:
-redheaded girls
-redheaded girls with freckles
-cute redheaded girls with freckles (dangerous)
-needles (lol wuss)
-lack of cigs
-sharp things

yas, he talks INTERNET Lingo only, so watch out for the insults! dont let them get you! NOOB hahah.

He is very sarcastic and makes fun of everything.

careful, he is really fast, talk about bunnyhopping all your life..
strafe jump strafejumpstrafejumpstrafejump straf eju mp straefkj ump strafe jump
well you know.. guess the battle style would be something like \'junk fight\', or \'junk rumble\' yeah, junk rumble sounds cooler.


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