Marc and Siya | Characters

Marc and Siya | Characters

Marc and Siya by Siya
 Gender: male
 Height: 4\'6
 Created: November 7th, 2005
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Basic Information:
I should start off by mentioning that, when referring to Marc and Siya together, they are often referred to in the singular. However, Marc and Siya are occasionally referred to in the pural. The basic rule to follow is, when referring to the demon as a whole, use singular grammar. When referring to both personalities that reside in the same body of the demon (Marc and his brother, Siya) they are referred to in the plural. Your character does not have to know this.
Marc and Siya is a demon. I would go into scientific names of what kind of demon Marc and Siya is, but I am not familiar enough with Latin or bullshit to do that. Instead, I will give you an English equivilent. Marc and Siya is a Verithian molded gemini seesaw demon.
\"Verithian molded\" means that Marc and Siya was created by the demon lord Verithe (more about that later).
\"Gemini\" means that two souls were used to make this single demon.
\"Seesaw\" means...well, I hope that\'s obvious.
All parts of Marc and Siya (clothing, seesaw, etc.) are considered to be a part of the demon\'s \"body\". This \"body\" is considered to be made entirely of soul matter. While Marc and Siya is considered male, the demon doesn\'t have any genitals (or sex drive). While this \"body\" is more durable than what it would appear to be, it ~can~ bleed. Both the fleshy parts and the wood can bleed when cut, but blood coming from cuts on the wood doesn\'t depleat the demon of any blood\'s simply a bizarre effect. When the body is eventually destroyed, it dissolves into a sort of soul energy to heal itself elsewhere. Both the dissolving and the healing take much time.

Eyes are a single, solid color. No pupils. No irises.
Marc\'s hair, eyes and T-shirt are all a sunny yellow.
Siya\'s hair, eyes and T-shirt are all a light blue.
Both appear to be somewhere between 8 and 10 years old.
Otherwise, both ends of the body are identical.

-Powers/Skills: Marc and Siya\'s seesaw body not only rocks up and down, but is mobile and can spin. The demon can rock, spin and mobilize at high speeds. Also, if one end of the seesaw is slammed into the ground (at my elementary school, we called this a \"cherry bump\"), a minor, localized earthquake or crack in the earth may form.
Due to Marc and Siya\'s high durability and high speeds, it does most of its fighting/demolitions by simply knocking itself into things.
Also, Marc and Siya can sometimes build up enough friction to blast some low-level electricity around. This electrical energy is rarely fatal, but can knock people about.
As humans, Marc and Siya ran a fairly successful fashion-design industry, so they are skilled at the intricacies of fashion design.

(These are the items given Marc and Siya by Verithe before they entered the Void. You may view them in the second page of Marc and Siya\'s intro.)
-Dream Marble: Created by the demon Mis-Mis, this is a dark, blue-violet marble. It looks clearer than glass. When the user places the marble under their head/pillow as they sleep, it allows the sleeper to dream the most wonderful dream they could ever have; a dream that they will usually do anything to return to. When used a second time, it gives the sleeper an all-consuming nightmare. Even if they awake, they cannot escape it. (Such are the powers of the marble).
-Enchanting Earrings: Those wearing these earrings, created by the demon Lai, are under the impression that they are a chicken.
-Pink Maces: Created by the demon Tweak, these maces appear to be \"drawn\" in three-dimensional space by a pink crayon. They are about 2.5 feet in length. There are two, one for Marc and one for Siya. The only thing special about them is that they are dripping with demonic energy, they\'re pink, and they melt in intense heat.

Occupation: Demon Soldier

Very brief history:
Marc and Siya used to be two twin human brothers. After selling their souls to the demon lord Verithe (and, eventually, dying) they were transformed into a single demon. They are bound to the service of Verithe. Verithe has sent Marc and Siya into the Void on an information and soul-gathering mission.

Personality: Both ends of the demon, Marc and Siya, enjoy a fair amount of mayhem, death, destruction and chaos. However, the part known as Siya is a little bit more in control of himself and can be quite friendly...but would still eat you at the drop of a hat. The part known as Marc
is equally friendly, but more chaotic and...stupid?

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