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Cog | Characters

Cog by Jack
 Gender: male
 Height: 6\'
 Created: October 31st, 2005
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Cog is an assassin, which is relatively uninteresting, however his power is anything but. Is he super strong? No. Is he a psychic? No. Can he fly and shoot twinkiesx from his rectum? Nay! None of these are his powers! Cog\'s power is the ability to be very convincing. An ability he took his entire life to perfect.

Cog was born to Scotch/Irish parents and raised in their bar in the Void City district known as the Devil\'s Pantry. Growing up with constant arguing he became very good at proving a point, to such an extent in fact that all he had to do was tell someone something and they\'d believe it. Not to mention the fact that he had no concept of lying. You see noone had explained what a lie was to him, and thus he believed whole heartedly everything he\'d ever been told, and was rendered incapable of lying. It was this outright honesty that would bring him nothing but trouble later in life.

When he was ten his family moved from the Pantry to a suburb outside of Void City. He met his first friend his own age, and it was this friend that taught him how to pretend. While playing a game of Cops and Robbers, he pointed to his friend, and shouted \"BANG! Got you!\" His friend, trusting Cog completly due to his natural honesty, died immediatly, his back ripping open as though hit by a blast from a .45 revolver in a freak bastardization of mind over matter. His parents cast him out, and he returned to the Pantry using $5 he earned selling twigs in the gutter. (A strangely profitable business)

On returning to the Pantry, he defended himself from a mugger via his unwanted power, and caught the attention of a group of very well dressed assassins, who took him in and trained him to be one of their own. He eventually learned about lying, and in order to keep himself capable of working in his newfound career he had to teach himself the art of the poker-face, and from that moment he has become notorious as one of the best dressed and most effective assassins in the entire county. He can be tracked via the cogs he leaves at every scene.

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