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zaffeus | Characters

zaffeus by zaffe
 Gender: male
 Height: 6
 Created: October 23rd, 2005
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Age: 19
full name: Zaffeus Zaphire
Height: 6\', 185cm

Zaffeus was born 1986 in Sweden, and he was lucky enough to be the firstborn child
in the 10th generation of the Zaphire line.
Every first born child every second generation enharit the \"Zaphire Prime Gen\" as it
have come to be called over the years!
This is a gen whom Enhanse almost every natural ability normal humans already possess,
Such as the all the sences, Smel, Hearing, Sight, Taste and tuch.
But also speed, motoristik functions and strength, and it also reduses the ageing process.
However the gen has it\'s downsides when it also enhanse pain receptors and Emotions.

The usual tradition is for the privous Zaphire Prime to teach the present one in how to
control his emotions, In this case Zaffeus grandfather Serious Zaphire.
However the training ended when Zaffeus was 7 because of an insident when he
more or less accidently killed 3 9year old boys.
As Serious realized that Zaffeus now would spend precious years in a fosterhome or palces even worse, he pulled a few strings to get zaphire in an secret assassin training camp somewere in north Korea, who train Hitmans in the way of the ninja.
For 10years Zaffeus stayed at that facility, got raised in that kind of enviroment wich sharpened his already deadly abilities!

Personality and other usefull info:
Even thought raised in an hars enviroment that never destroyed Zaffeus heightened spirit.
Zaffeus is kind of an goof who rather laugh and have fun (the normal way) than pick fights, even
thought that have happend on an occasion or two.
However in batte he enjoys giving a good \'ol ass woopi\'n, he is afterall a born fighter.

the weapons he uses and always carries with him is good old classical ninja weapons
like shirukens and kunai knifes, but as an ninja he is trained in various weaponary!

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