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Kotori Ky LaDiablo | Characters

 Gender: Female, wanna see?
 Height: 5'10
 Created: October 7th, 2005
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Note: Koko is not a demon, related to human ideas of heaven or hell, and does not effect or is interested in souls. She is also not from Earth, and thus has a different consitution than humans. Please feel free to AIM or message me if unsure about the character.

Name: Kotori Ky LaDiablo
Species: Daemonar/Elemental
Race: Succubi/Yuuki no Onna(Snow Maiden) (Half-breed)
Age: Around 630(updated to show time spent in VOID)
Hair: Golden blonde
Eyes: Ice Blue
Likes: Snow, Ice, Agent Black
Dislikes: Humans, overly warm places, being bored
Element: Cold/Ice/Snow

NPC Companion: Daimer (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v428/kotoriky/daimersheet2.jpg)

CURRENT SITUATION: After her near-death at the hands of Agent Black, the Seal within Kotori's blood has inverted, causing her Daemonar powers to be sealed away and those that were blocked for the last 600+ years to be released. The traumatic event has also switched her personality and effected her memories.

The new Kotori is far more relaxed and carefree than her previous self. She is completely uninterested in anything except that which is effecting her directly. She lives in the moment and for the moment, wanting to have fun and please herself. If she's hungry, she will feed. If she's tired, she'll find someplace comfortable and sleep. Things like politics, Seals, and so on mean nothing to her. She is almost childish in this, since she won't do anything she doesn't want to, even if asked. The only exception to this is Agent Black, whom she feels she owes a debt of gratitude to for releasing her. (She also rather likes him... which is probably not a good thing, all things considered.)

Her blood still has the boosting effects that it had before. If drunk it will improve appearance, heal, increase a person's speed and strength, and increase one's attractiveness. The effects are limited and can only be sustained with continual doses of blood.

Feeding: Like a Yuuki no Onna, Kotori now kills to feed. Pure life force and sometimes blood are what she desires, and she leaves her leftovers completely frozen. She isn't interested in sex unless bored or fond of the person... though she retains her considerable skills in the area.

Clothing/Appearance: Clothing is a mundane thing that humans use to protect themselves from the elements. So, as one of those elements, Kotori often scorns the habit and relaxes as is. When she does decide to play along, she spins a shirt out of snow and ice. If it is grabbed by someone else, removed from her, or she decides she doesn't want it anymore, it will simply fall apart and melt. She has one item on her that she will NOT go anywhere without. A ball of frozen blood and poison mixed together that she drew out of Agent Black to thank him for freeing her. She softens it up to put a black silk cord through it to wear around her neck when she isn't playing with it.

Powers: She no longer is able to use her Daemonar abilities. Thus, no masking her appearance to look human and no wings. Her powers over ice have increased and she can now create and use snow at will. (She could cause a little snow storm to appear of someone's head if she was bored...) She thinks like a Yuuki no Onna, however, and is often annoyed at the limitation a living flesh and blood body force her to deal with. She still has the Spider's Sting under her nail, but often forgets about it or sees it as annoying. (Poisoning the blood would make it rather... unpleasant to eat.) Her nails are also still as strong and sharp as before, being able to go through metal.

NOTE ON DRAWING KOTORI: I look forward to seeing how people portray my girl here, but I do have 2 simple things that I wish stressed when doing so. 1: Kotori is a high ranking LADY from a court-based world. She's basically an aristocrate. She would never be a stripper or a prostitute. 2: She is NOT a demon, which I mentioned in the bio. She dosen't see or lust after Souls, has no relation to God, angels, etc.

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