Shrapnel Girl | Characters

Shrapnel Girl | Characters

 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'6
 Created: September 26th, 2005
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Void City Profile:
Shrapnel girl: Fighter Interview...

Name: "Haruka Salt
codename is Shrapnel girl

Height/Weight: "5'6 200 pounds.


Base of opperations: Condemned district squatting in an abandoned appartment complex on 5th....terrace.

strength is enhanced..Speed as well and she's very acrobatic, nanites in her brain make her think with 20% more of her brain and faster

body is Covered entirely Inside and out By Nanites All through her blood
They Aid her in the use of her Powers...

shrapnel girl can Blow Up or Off different parts of her body.
When she does the nanites take the form Of super hard and dense metal.she can control their shape and spread...shes a human...Grenade.
because her power would be futile if they didn't do this...The nanites help her to regenerate faster then average 100% faster
the only part she can't completley blow up is her Head...
has a fast Metabolism because of robots more dense than most people.
no longer has a threshold of pain..

Panic mode: Grand implosion so basically it's her Big explosion Backwards

trained to fight in a style specific to her special abilities it's a couple moves from martial arts but mostly just Pulverizeing kind of stuff


liquid suit:
is made of a different kind of nanites it creates the pills that make her nanites regerate faster
liquid suit is called a liquid suit because it also regenatets the nanites but it looks like water when it does
the only purpose really is to keep her in armor at all times.....And the panic button which triggers her nanites and causes the Panic mode can only be pressed by her though it responds to the nanites in her armor.....other than keeps her....well insulated...liquid suit can also harden at will making impacts less painful..damaging um it's made of a different type of nanites
though it responds to her mental comands
liquid suit can change outfits when ever she desires

Shrapnel Girl discovered that she could do an emp blast but at the cost of all her bodies nanites except the ones in her head it takes the nanites 10 minutes to remake all the other nanites in her body once the emp blast has been set off so though she retains her enhanced strength she weighed down by her dead nanites and becomes kind of zombie like

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