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Kubo by kubo
 Title: Armageddon 2020 Winner
 Gender: Male
 Height: 6'
 Created: September 4th, 2005
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Name: Kubo
Age: over two thousand years
Alias: The Fox King
Height: 6'
Weight: 182 lbs
Dominant hand: Southpaw
Hobbies: Collecting artifacts and relics. Fighting and training.

A being from an ancient time, Kubo has traveled far and wide; from the Caucasus Mountains of Russia to the African Savanna. He is an explorer and adventurer, always searching for new treasures or bits of lost lore. Rumors of a dark relic, even older than Kubo himself, have lead the immortal to Void City.

On the surface, Kubo is laidback and good-natured. He has seen much of the world and so exercises patience and empathy before passing judgement on others. Below the surface, however, Kubo is melancholic and closed off. He has lost many friends and loved ones over the centuries and is fearful to forge anymore meaningful relationships.

What People Know:
Not much is really known about Kubo’s origins, the immortal tends to change the subject when questions begin to head in that direction. What is known by those around him is that he has been around for over two millennia, has been a part of key points in numerous cultures history, and that he spends most of his time hunting relics and items of power, either to preserve or destroy them.

What People Don’t Know:
Kubo is indeed much older than most believe, in fact hailing from the height of Ancient Greece. At that time he was known as the Teumessian Fox, a giant beast of magic and terror, who was eventually defeated and collared by Laelaps the Bloodhound. The collar, that he still wears, keeps him in a human form while dulling his Animus, his natural eldritch powers.

Over the centuries, Kubo has managed to bypass some of the collar’s wards, allowing him to tap into his Animus. However, the more power Kubo draws through the collar, the more of his old persona begins to reemerge. The immortal has come to love humanity and the world he has lived in and so fears that which he was before. Therefore he only draws on the power when absolutely necessary, relying on the skills he has learned through blood and sweat. Even without having to use his Animus, Kubo has the natural ability to heal quickly, regenerate lost limbs, and see unit the spiritual realm.

Martial arts: Kubo is a fast and agile fighter, relying on a number of martial styles that he has mastered over his long lifetime. While he is in his preferred state (refer to character design sheet for details) he uses lighting quick strikes and feints to disorient his opponents. Has he draws power through the collar, his attacks become more straightforward and heavy.

Kubo’s human form is immutable, having changed very little over the centuries, however his has learned to draw a small portion of power from his Animus, allowing him to shift into a minor version of his original form. At will, Kubo can take the form of an average red fox, retaining his ability to speak however leaving his clothes and equipment behind.

Spirit Binding:
Due to the drawbacks of his natural powers, Kubo has learned to use an ancient practice called spirit binding. Through sigils and arcane rites, Kubo can manipulate the forces of nature; spirits of the elements, muses, and even the souls of the dead. The simplest bindings force spirits to perform a single act such as defend a person, attack an enemy, or spy on a target. More complicated bindings can create temporary relics or even grant someone permanent abilities. The difficulty of the binding is based on the complexity of the request and the power of the spirit being bound. A spirit that is called forth but breaks free from the binding can be dangerous to both Kubo and those around him.

Kubo has collected a number of oddities over his travels, the Mirror Mask is one of them. It is a porcelain mask decorated with a swirling design. Its mouth is partially open and when a piece of hair or flesh is placed within it, the wearer can transform into a replica of the sample’s source. This does not grant any powers or abilities that the source may have, only their physical appearance.

Blue Thunder, Kubo’s weapon of choice and familiar, is a longsword enchanted with the spirit of a dead sorcerer, or at least that’s what the blade claims to be. Even Kubo is not sure of the relic’s origin. The sorcerer was said to have full control over the forces of lighting and so Blue Thunder does as well. Temperamental and self-centered, the relic is hard to work with, and Kubo is always having to convince it to lend him its powers. Blue Thunder can be transformed into a pendent for easy travel.

The whereabouts of Kubo at this moment are unknown.

Name: Harper
Age: 20ish
Height: 4'3"
Weight: 63 lbs
Dominant hand: Ambidextrous
Hobbies: tinkering with junk

Harper was adopted by the Crowns after the Second Arma. They are grumpy, blunt and usually solitary. They were put in charge of helping Kubo get around Void City after his return, but ended sticking around even after the city was destroyed. Harper is very closed off about themselves and not much is known about where they are from.

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