Kale Keleman | Characters

Kale Keleman | Characters

 Gender: Male
 Height: 5\'6\'\'
 Created: August 15th, 2005
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Kale Keleman.
Age: 16

Kale, a sixteen year old who experienced both a tragedy and a miracle in a matter of only 7 years. From age 8 to 15, Kale had been cursed to live his life in an endless dark abyss, where only sound could penetrate. He was blind. It was an overwhelming challenge, to adapt to a new lifestyle, but in that 7-year period, he was amazed at how much more sharpened his other senses had become. He began to develop a devout sense of smell, taste, sound, and touch. He even cultivated a heightened intuition for sensing danger as he was constantly bullied. When Kale’s vision unexplainably resurrected itself, so did something else. He experienced a change. Suddenly, He was able to switch between his normal body and a body that was on a level greater than an Olympic athlete.
He was a completely different person in this new body. When changed, his physique bolstered with muscle that never existed before and his eyes were an empty void that would capture the movement of the world normally, but at the same time, slowly, as if the planet had been submerged beneath the ocean. His physical abilities, his eyesight, his already heightened 4 senses, and everything was pushed to higher more extreme levels. It wasn’t long before Kale learned how to change at will between his regular and stronger body. It took several hours to learn how to control it, but Kale was confident that he had succeeded in subduing his new power until he wished to bring it out. In spite of the new physical abilities...kale never attempted a fight with anyone. Ås a result, Kale’s knowledge of battle was close to nothing. If ever there were the option to avoid violence, Kale would gladly choose that option over the latter.
Even after the revelation that Kale had this bizarre new ability, his bleak and reserved personality remained. He was always a timid and generally quiet boy. He would always keep to himself, and would never try to bug others with his problems. That was what made him the target of foul play, both before and after he gained his strengths. Tired of constantly looking down on himself as the guy without a voice, he made an impulsive move to venture into Void City. Leaving his previous life behind him, he ventured into a new one, where he would hope to grow as a person, and discover that he was more than the \"quiet little boy\".
As he made his way onto the bus, 2 thoughts preoccupied his mind. Why did these powers come to him and why did his vision return? Gripping the edge of his bag as he placed his foot firmly upon the stair leading into the bus, Kale was determined that in void city his soul would blossom like a spring flower, and the secret behind his powers would unravel before his very eyes.

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