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Name: Faia Chikabi
Nickname: Faia
Age: 21
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 130
Style: Freestyle kickboxing / shamanic powers

Faia was as normal as any child, aside from the fact that she was born with ancient shamanic ancestry.
Her family's knowledge and traditions slowly faded away over the centuries as time went on, until their practices were nearly forgotten completely. As modern days approached, Faia's grandmother managed to awaken the powers within her blood and soul, and continued the ancient family ways.. until Faia was born.
Although Faia's baby-boom mother wanted nothing to do with her creepy elder, it was evident that Faia had some unusual powers present at birth. Of course, her grandmother wanted to raise her and teach her the ways of the shaman, but mom would have none of that.

Thus, everything went normally, in a quite normal and average fashion, and Faia grew up to be quite average and normal in all aspects.
However, when she was 16, she suddenly had a vision of the future on her way to high school. In the vision she saw her classmates being mowed down by a crazed student with an automatic rifle. Terrified, she ran the rest of the way to school and searched for the student...
Much to her surprise, she found him heading for his locker.. she saw a dark aura around him and automatically knew this was the boy. He looked up and saw her gazing back, breathing hard with tears in her eyes.. and then he bolted for the locker.
Faia instinctively dashed towards him, hoping she could stop him from opening it in time. She leaped in the air and swung her leg around, his face connecting with her shin.. and he fell hard, lying unconscious on the ground with his padlock clenched in his fist.
Needless to say, the locker contained several loaded guns, and nobody died that day.

Curious about the incident, she searched the internet for answers and became hooked on the idea of shamanism. Once she began training herself, she managed to connect with her grandmother's mind, and that's when her real learning began.
Five years later, the fast-learning apprentice shaman roams the country seeking out evil, and stopping tragedies from ever happening.

While fighting, she has the ability to read ahead into the fight by about 3 seconds if she's concentrating, thus making it easier for her to read and dodge attacks from powerful opponents. To deal damage, she's trained herself in an improvised kickboxing style and wears leather gloves and silver shin guards.

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