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KOBE | Characters

KOBE by Timo
 Gender: MALE
 Height: 5\'11
 Created: August 10th, 2005
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Kobe\' is a simple thing. Born and bread on a farm near hell, he grew up longing to be on earth. One day he got into a fight with his parent\'s, and he was all \"OH MAN, THIS SUCKS. I AM NOT DOING THE DISHES ANYMORE.\" and then, they were all \"OH YES YOU ARE YOUNG MAN. RIGHT NOW INFACT\". and then, he grew a pair and said \"OH YEAH?\" and then he burst out the door, and got a booboo and almost cried but stayed strong as he ran away. He got a huge splinter in his leg. it was at LEAST an inch deep.

ok, he\'s kinda a demon, so he has the horn in the back of his head, but that was like a birth defect. and he almost killed his mother coming out because it was huge and her vagina could only get so big.

He just does crap. he probably won\'t fight unless he has to. he\'s a wuss. But, is also a lover. and somehow, has a way with the ladies. No one can explain it. Maybe it\'s the whole badboy, i\'m a demon thing. Maybe it\'s just the booze.

LOVES death from above 1979, and plays alot of fps and crazy japanese games. loves gameboy, but always loses it. he needs another one. i better remind him.

yeah, thats him.

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