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Kali | Characters

Kali by Wyvern
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5\'5
 Created: August 2nd, 2005
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Age: 21
Height: 5\'5\"
Weight: approx. 135
Abilities: enhanced strength, speed, and agility; master with a bo, experience with most other weapons.
Amazonian Rank: Staff-weapon Hunter


Kali is confident, vivacious, clever, and sometimes impatient. She knows how to use her body to entice a man she is considering to bring back to her village, but is no-nonsense if she has to tell one to back off. She is loyal to a fault, and will defend anything she cares about if it kills her. She can sometimes rush into a fight a bit quickly, but is able to sit back and assess a situation if she isn\'t too enraged when it comes time. She has a sunny disposition, and its hard to get on her bad side, but if you somehow manage it, you\'ll probably be pondering the inside of a garbage can before too long.


Kali is an \'Urban-Amazon\', with her tribe buried deep within VOID city. The society is very old, almost as old as the city itself, founded when the first women decided to band together to create a society made entirely of women. All children are given basic defense training, and most go on to learn certain style/weapon specialization. Those who don\'t become fighters can focus on being the care-givers of the society, and are equally valued alongside those with more warrior-oriented jobs.

The first women who created the tribe had among them a witch, and she was able to gain the blessing of a particular goddess in order to grant the tribe certain powers and abilities. With a small amount of magic embedded within the tribe\'s culture, they are able to use it to their advantage in ensuring the tribe\'s survival.

Amazon spells include: Moderate cloaking, memory erasure and mild modification, enhancement of strength, speed, and agility, etc. (More as I think of them.)

The village is cloaked behind spells, though it is surrounded by ware-houses and the walls are built to blend in with its surroundings. Guards are always patrolling the rooftops of the buildings close to the village boundaries, and will swiftly and mercilessly take care of anyone who comes too close, take them back to the city, and erase their memory of ever being in that area.

The side-effects of the first magic used include control over lower-level spells passed down through blood-lines, and every child born is a girl, keeping with the objective of the tribe and the will of the goddess.


Every seven years, three hunters are chosen from the tribe, each being a master of a different sort of non-lethal weapon. For one year, the Hunters take a vow of chastity and leave the boundaries of the village to find men they deem worthy to bring back and mate with women who are able or ready to have children. For three days the men are coupled with as many women as possible, and the Hunter rests, and on the third day the Hunter takes him back out into the city, after his memory of the last three days is erased and replaced with a plausible cover-story for his whereabouts.

Kali was chosen to be the staff-weapons Hunter, and along with what she likes to call her \'Pimp-Bo\', she was given an enchanted belt that she always wears. It is made of indestructible cloth, and is generally used to bind the men she chooses. When they show any sign of being willing to go along with her, she strikes them unconcious, binds them, throws them over her shoulder and high-tails it back to the village. She is able to move around the city similar to a \'Free-Runner\', running over roof-tops, bounding over walls with acrobatic skill and agility, all of which is enhanced.

So she roams around the city, looking for good men, flirting with anything with legs, and generally enjoying herself while she does her job. Whatever else she runs into along the way...well, she\'s been trained to think on her feet, so we shall just have to watch and see!

For more pictures of Kali, feel free to check out my gallery at: http://wyv-kate.deviantart.com

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