Basil | Characters

Basil | Characters

Basil by Fuudasha
 Title: Speed Death Tournament Champion 2005
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5\'4\"
 Created: June 19th, 2005
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Full Name: Basil Medina Garrion
Age: 17
Hometown: Ronda, Spain

Becoming a matador at a young age, Basil was driven to avenge her grandfather\'s death at the hands of the legendary Toro Divino. She mastered the Medina family\'s secret bullfighting techniques, and upon her 16th birthday she confronted her adversary in the ring. Within moments however, the legendary bull countered her skills and defeated her. Instead of killing her however, Toro Divino cursed her body and mind with aspects of a bull. A tail and horns sprouted from her, and her emotions would echo those of a raging bull. Her anger would now be chaotic, she would have a compulsive hunger for wild plants, and her mouth gained a strong distaste for beef (ironically, her favorite meat). If her choice of lifestyle didn\'t isolate her enough, now her curse all but eliminated her social life. Battered but not conquered, however, Basil realized her understanding of the arena itself was lacking. She still desired the skills to defeat the Toro Divino, and so she sought the fighter\'s haven known as Void. Upon reaching her destination, she was eager to enlist upon its ranks, but she did not know the battles she was joining, were those of the Speed Death Tournament...

Aside from her love of bullfighting, Basil is a canny and thoughtful youth. Her many years of training have kept her from making many friends or close acquaintances aside from family, but she has won the respect of many athletes she has come across. Many times she wonders if she\'s been missing out on some of the finer parts of life. She cannot deny her love of battle, however, and she feels she is willing to go wherever the fight takes her.

Basil\'s exemplary skills as a bullfighter grace her movements with agility and finesse. Her unique banderillas are made with the traditional Medina design, beginning at the size of small dart, and then being able to decompress to full length. A secret Medina recipe within each Banderilla gives it distinct majestic properties when it hits its target. Traditionally these qualities are based on the elements, heating or cooling the target among other things, but Basil has learned to apply other surprising aspects to the banderillas as well. With these and other skills, Basil is a formidable opponent, but her lack of fighting experience outside of the ring still gives her a great disadvantage. The curse on her also drives her into many inner conflicts, and aside from slightly raised endurance and adrenaline boosts from rage, it gives her no real added strengths.

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