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Kodan by drawdan
 Gender: male in appearance
 Height: 6\'4\"
 Created: June 14th, 2005
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Name- Kodan (a Sire )

True Name- Unpronounceable in the English language

Age- 86 (equal to about 40 in human years)

Height-6’4” Weight-214 lbs

Gender- The appearance of a male

Appearance- White skin, gray hair, black tattoos

This fighter is an Xian, an alien species that controls a region of space about 20 thousand light years from our own Milky Way galaxy. He is named Kodan after the fighting style that his people learn as part of their warrior cast. Xian\'s are born elementals, which means that they have the natural ability to control and manipulate the five primary elements. A Kodan warrior uses this ability as part of his fighting style. When an Xian is of proper age he seeks out a Sire to begin his training. When a Sire accepts him as a student, the student undergoes a ritual in which his body is scared by elemental magic. The wounds form scabs and eventually scar over dark black in color (Xian blood is black in color when exposed to oxygen) The scars make up words that join together to form the 12 disciplines that a Kodan must master to complete his training. (The symbols are similar to the characters of Japanese brush paintings.) When the student completes his physical training and mastery of Elemental Magic, he enters a period of meditation while he reflects the disciplines of the Kodan. When he feels he is ready, he will go before a council of Elders to prove his knowledge. If he is successful, the elders grant him the title of “Sire” and allow him the honor to wear Kodan armor. Once the Student has completed his training, his teacher is allowed to continue on his path towards becoming an Elder. A Sire’s last trial is the trial of combat. He is given an Elemental Gauntlet and sent away to prove himself worthy by defeating great warriors on other worlds. When he has succeeded in proving his worth he returns to Xia to be taught the 13th discipline of Healing. The ritual is complete when he has healed the scars on his body as a symbol of his mastery of the disciplines of the Kodan, and made an Elder. He must complete the trail of combat or die trying, there is no room for failure.

This fighter is a combat veteran and aging Sire. His student has begun the ritual of meditation, so he went before the Elders to request the trial of combat. When he was granted the ceremonial Gauntlet, he chose the planet Earth as his battleground. The humans that exist there thrive on conflict and the elements present on the planet are near identical to those found on his home world of Xia.

Xian Natural Traits- Xian’s are white skinned humanoids. There skin is a tough leathery hide that makes them very difficult to wound. Their bones are dense and strong as steel and they are able to lift something the size and weight of a small car by their 13th birthday. Their eyesight is keen and sharp but because their home world has a 6-hour day and 20-hour night, they are somewhat light sensitive. On Earth, Xian’s have become accustomed to wearing sunglasses or tinted contacts to protect their eyesight. Xian’s don’t have a nose as a human would expect, their olfactory senses are located in their ears which hang low on the sides of their heads like a dog. Their ears grow longer with age and can get droop as long as a foot by their second century of life. An Xian has an average life span of about 250-300 years. They have a very fast metabolism and eat only once every few days. They heal at an incredible fast rate, similar to some members of Earths reptilian species that can re-grow tails or entire limbs in hours or days. Males will begin to grow a horn on the right or left side of their head by the second decade of their life and it will mature to about 6-8 inches in length by their midlife. This fighter had the tip of his horn torn off in battle when he was 42. All Xian’s are born with the natural ability to control and manipulate the 5 elements of earth, wind, water, fire, and energy (the molecules that make up all of the elements and create life) Kodan warriors use this ability to fight, but other Xian’s will train to use Elemental Magic as farmers, scientists, construction engineers, and countless other vocations.

Kodan Warriors- All Kodan are the equivalent of a martial arts master on Earth. The Kodan is a fighting style similar to judo and boxing that combines, aerial attacks, high kicks, and punches with Elemental Magic to attack and defend. A Kodan can control or manipulate any element, but only one element at a time. If the warrior should be knocked unconscious, all of the effects of his elemental Magic would fail. All Kodan are taught to ignore pain and fatigue and will never retreat a one on one battle. Sire armor and the ceremonial Elemental Gauntlet (a really big glove) is made from a feather light metal that rivals Admantium in density and strength. It is composed of natural resources found on Xia and forged through Elders Elemental Magic. The Armor will protect the warrior from all hand held weapons or simple projectile weapons like guns. Only energy, extreme temperatures, electricity, or weapons of a magical nature will have any effect on the armors hull. The Gauntlet is basically a large glove that can be used in defense as a shield or offence as a stabbing weapon as each finger is tipped with a razor sharp claw. Additionally, the Gauntlet can render its wearer weightless. When combined with the Kodan’s ability to control the wind and air currents around him through Elemental Magic, he can use the Gauntlet to achieve wingless flight.

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