Bad Apple | Characters

Bad Apple | Characters

Bad Apple thumbnail  Gender: Acts Male.
 Height: 6' under
 Created: June 14, 2005
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Bad Apple wasn't always an apple. He originally was a Demon of great power. But one day, he decided to crash a party at heaven. To make a long story short, he got his ass rocked, and all that remained was a finger that fell to Earth in an apple tree. His finger, still concious, decided to take the form of a worm, and make way into the closest living thing... an apple. The demon, who has a name that if uttered by a mere mortal would make thier head explode, then posessed the apple. Satan found out where he was finally, and got the scoop. Since he couldn't return to hell until he died, the devil told him to kill as many people as he possibly could before then. Bad Apple gladly agreed, this he starts on his mission to be as dag nasty evil as he can possibly be. In the park he killed a hobo, so that's one soul in the bag, many more to go. Remember, he's sneaky and really doesn't fight blow for blow.

Now he's got some powers:
- He can spit a highly corrosive liquid he calls "Apple Juice".
- He can control worms.
- He can not be destroyed by being eaten, at all (Don't try it, no matter what you will die). If you eat him, he'll possess your body (and kill you immediately), and make himself a new one.
- Eating flesh makes him grow.
- He's also dag nasty evil yo. Whoever he kills goes directly to hell, no questions asked.

You might also know him as Zepar, a demon from the Lesser Key of Solomon/Ars Goetica

History Update: After heroicaly applebonking Kiereirieirewhatever he has rescued her demon from being forced to kill his own kind. This demon is named Mitch, and now tags along with Bad Apple, making mischief. Little do they know what gooey horror awaits...

History Update Part 2: He had a nasty little scuffle with a cool cat named Pie, unfortunately he had to die. But at least he got a job in hell, it's nice to have, especially the all you can eat buffet. And now Bad Apple has a rocking ass radioactive brick! EVERYONE WINS! Except all those orphans and other people who died during his little expiriment. Now Bad Apple is to relax a bit. Let's hope nobody in a mech suit ruins the fun.

History Update Part 3: After Bonnie and Buer inturrupted Bad Apple's ROCKIN ASS SINGING and died a horrible explosion followed by being made into delicious taffy, the awesome apple decided to take a fine trip to Mexico, where he had a great time (And got LAID many many times. T shirts are for sale, they say "Bad Apple rocked my world in bed and then he gave me an awesome T-shirt.), but now he's back, and about to meet an old friend of his.

History Update Part 4: Totally not expecting to get this far, Bad Apple totally made Gallidaysay not exist, because, frankly, kids with guns are dangerous. Regardless, he's realy been missing home lately and has been actively seeking out his next opponent perhaps to go home by winning, or dying.

History Update 5: It was an amazing fight indeed. as Basil fought her other half, and Bad Apple was awesome as usual, but he was so wounded and near dead. Luckily the bitches killed themselves, making him the lone survivor... until Death stomped his ass dead. When interviewed in pre-afterlife he was to say "What the fuck!!? This is bullshit! Why did estrella step on my ass. Oh when I get back to hell I have a barrage of questions to ask my dad." Little did he know, he was gonna get an awesome coming home present.

History Update 6: He's on vacation and visiting Void.

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