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 Gender: male
 Height: 6'1
 Created: Prior to recording
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The Mechanic

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 190LBS

Age: ??

Weapon of Choice: Giant Wrench

The Mechanic is a Special Operative of Mr. Cogg's Fighter Outfitters, the newest supplier of Fighter Accessories in Void City. His boss, Mr. Cogg runs the hidden shop and designs new products, most of which The Mechanic builds.

He then sets out into the city looking for various fighters to field test the Accessories and deliver invitations to shop to the targeted.

Mr. Cogg's is secretly located in a flying fortress high above Void city and can only be reached by a teleportation device which The Mechanic gives to those he tests the products on. These devices are good for one use and take the fighter to a waiting room at Mr. Cogg's. Fighting is strictly prohibited in the waiting room and enforced by Wall Mounted De-Atomizing Cannons. Here they can view the entire Mr. Cogg's F.O. catalogue. They can also pay for additional charges on their teleporter.

The Mechanic has no powers of his own but has access to his entire stock of Fighter Accessories which gives him a definite advantage and he is an exceptional hand to hand combatant. Especially when wielding his 5 foot long Wrench.

His custom made Gas Mask is the real source of his amazing strength. His company sells a performance enhancing liquid named "Power Up" that when injected boosts strength, endurance, speed, and thought processes.
They are very selective who this product is sold to and is unbelievably expensive. Its sold in small vials that last for up to six hours at a time. The Mechanic has canisters of "Power Up" which the mask atomizes giving him unlimited enhancement. He's actually formed a dependancy and is rarely without it. He has a respirator he wears when the mask is removed.

His constant battles have given him valuable experience, making him a definite threat to all the fighters of Void.

Consider yourself lucky to be targeted by The Mechanic, you have been seen worthy to benefit from the amazing products of Mr. Cogg's Fighter Outfitters. "Where Violence Meets Industry."


While flying a recon mission in his custom F-4U "The Crew Dawg", The Mechanic met Drednaut who had problems with an attack plane flying around Void. In the resulting battle, Mechanic recieved a large gash across his side which prompted him to end the battle quickly. He produced his prototype Tissue Sampler and took a sample of Drednaut's DNA, leaving a large burn on Dred's chest and disorienting him. Mechanic followed this with a shot with his wrench, knocking Dred unconscious.

Not wanting to attract the attention of more fighters while he was injured Mechanic denied transport and is now attempting to reach one of the many Telepads he has scattered across the City. Unfortunately he's low on "Power Up" and bleeding badly...

Upon returning home, Mechanic rests in the medical room all bandaged up and hooked up to a whole bottle of Power Up. Suddenly an alarm goes up that someone has intruded their air space and a video screen lowers in front of Mechanic.

The intruder is the crime fighter Phase, a person of great interest to Mechanic who feels he could be a useful ally on the streets of Void City. Phase is knocked out of the sky by a rocket after a valient fight and is brought unconscious to the station. He awakens in a Detainment Capsule, fully healed, and is offered an alliance by Mechanic. Equipment, supplies, troops, and information for Phase's partnership. Phase hesitantly agrees and adds that this alliance will last so long as Mechanic stays on the up and up. Mechanic agrees.
Mechanic has a run in days later with a Micenan scientist named Kate, after a brief air battle aboard a hover bike, Mech is defeated and retreats back to base. Meanwhile, Mech's rival Operative The Expediter is inside the secret underground lab of the Micenan's. An alien group of scientists and soldiers testing their planets secret weapons on earth. After killing several guards, the Expediter sets his untraceable bugs and ports back to base.

Mechanic has returned to Void City. After discovering the addictive qualities of Power Up and the power Cogg held over him, Mechanic developed a counteracting compound to free himself. He has escaped Cogg's clutches and returned to the place he considers home. Prior to leaving VC, he had secreted equipment and supplies into the tunnels below the docks. He is out on his own and open for business. Cogg and his deadly agent The Expeditor won't let him go so easily.

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