The Bluesman | Characters

The Bluesman | Characters

The Bluesman by jv7x
 Gender: Male
 Height: 6'4
 Created: Prior to recording
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Real Name: Unknown Age: Unknown ~ Late 30s
Eyes: Blue Hair: Black
Height: 6'4" Weight: 240 lbs.
Legal Status: Wanted in connection to a double homicide; fugitive
Distinguishing Features: Disproportionately large upper body

Abilities/Powers: Over the years The Bluesman has demonstrated a wide range of mysterious abilities from sudden bursts of super human strength and speed to being bullet proof and having hyper-quick reflexes. Each of which has been just as surprising to himself as it was to his opponent. Afterward, the abilities subside just as quickly as they manifested. It is thought that at one point he was a very powerful super human with incredible abilities but because of the injuries he sustained he is no longer able to control these abilities. However, in a crisis situation the abilities manifest subconsciously in response to life threatening danger.

While we may never know the truth about these abilities, there are 3 things that always seem to remain constant about The Bluesman.

1. He is an extraordinary fighter. Seemingly schooled in many disciplines, each performed with flawless technique as well as a masterful style.

2. The second is his unbelievable string of luck. When The Bluesman is around nothing is a certainty. Guns jam, cars don't start, ropes snap, even super humans have trouble using their powers. It's inexplicable and too amazing to be sheer coincidence. It has lead to speculation that he can somehow subconsciously manipulate probability in his favor because he always seems to be in the right place at the right time. Which brings us to his uncanny knack for finding trouble.

3. The Bluesman seems to instinctively know where he is needed, in most cases days before it is so. Whether this is yet another mysterious coincidence or a form of low-level clairvoyance is unknown.

Personality: The Bluesman is a very laid back individual; easy to get along with and difficult to anger. He is generally very soft spoken and pensive. Deliberate in everything he says and does; never crude, brass or vulgar. Confident, The Bluesman always seems to be in control of himself and any situation he is in. He is a hard worker that believes in honesty, justice and equality for all. He is the first to dash into a burning building and would gladly give the shirt off his back to anyone in need. He is very intelligent, well read in many different areas. He spends his free time reading, practicing his sax or writing his own music. He likes the ladies and a nice cold beer after a long day. He hates show offs, bullies and people that would endanger others with their careless actions. Above all else, he values every human life and would never kill anyone though he may threaten to do so. His most valued possessions are his sax and his journal which he has written in every day since he lost his memories. His biggest fear is losing his identity again, but would never give up helping others while he still could.

Origin In A Nutshell: He was found in a burning house badly injured and dying. Along with him there were two other bodies, the owner of the home and her son, they were both dead. The police couldn't find any information on him, no ID, fingerprints were not on file, not even a birth certificate. Even without knowing what happened, they intended to prosecute him as soon as he was medically able. He had suffered a life-threatening blow to the head and was near death. Miraculously, he didn't die but when he woke up he had no memory of who he was. He didn't know how he was connected to the people that died (that haunts him to this day). He snuck out of the hospital and returned to the house where he was found only days before, hoping to remember something but he couldn't. While he was leaving, he found a jacket that said "Bluesman" on it and a saxophone. Somehow he knew how to play it. He took the items with him and has been on the run ever since, drifting from town to town, helping people where ever he goes.

Character Notes: The Bluesman is always in some combination of the clothes he has on, he has no others (money is tight, after all). In a fight, he is very resourceful; using his environment and situation in his favor. He never relies on his powers cuz he is not certain about them. As of right now, the only powers he has ever exhibited were super strength, speed, hyper reflexes and being bullet proof. These abilities surfaced during crisis situations only; kinda like a surge of adrenaline, then they go away. He can not make his powers work no matter how much he may want to. Aside from his abilities, he is mortal and can be hurt and killed just as easily as the rest of us.

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