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Kure by kure ji ori
 Gender: Male
 Height: 6ft 1 / 8ft
 Created: Prior to recording
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After aquiring the power of Doome at an early age Kure became a force of terror on the mean streets in england. He travelled around until one day he was taken in by james. They ruled the streets of london toegther unti ljames left for void city. Kure stayed in england unti lhe realised how plain unfun things were without James around so he ventured to void to find the guy

Kures had a long story. He got to void and came under the wathcful eye of Clemencaux director of the sinister Rothbart Mental institute, he was captured by the VCPD and handed over to Clemencaux. He managed to ecsape however by unlocking a new form for him mask. The doome Brute
After being beaten in armageddon2 the mask rejected kure and killed him. Kure came back as a zombie thanks to his spiritual guardian the long dead Florida Bill. He then wnet on a chainsaw based rampage to get doome back.
After getting the mask back thanks in part to Dan he had unlocked the final form (seen in the design sheet)
He wnet after clemencaux and with the help of Carolyne Regeine managed to kill him and destroy the mental institute.

*dues to a request heres the prder of my battles*

vs REZ
bb Doomesday parts one and two
bb Seperation process
vs PYE
bb vs DAN
vs Carolyne Regine

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