Talion | Characters

Talion | Characters

Talion by Caanan02
 Gender: Appears as a male
 Height: 9ft.
 Created: Prior to recording
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The Low down...

(A year ago...)

1,000s of years have pass sense one of the sons of light, know as Talion, fell. He tried to contiue to fulfill his purpose, but with out the link to his creator, he gradually fell into obscurity, deception and bitterness and eventually vanished, leaving many questions as to why the once holy angel, and protector of Ceaser, a human possessed by and evil spirit whom he vowed to free, would tun away from the needs of men, What caused him to revolt on all he knew? What will become of Ceaser?

(In the world that was...)
Talion: Rebirth

Upon Talions fall, Eloyon, the ruler of Heaven and Earth and all that is, was and will be, forged another celestial being to take his place. This being unlike his former, cherished and honored Eloyon, and worshiped Him. He along with Michael and a few others, stood in great battle against the evil one, know as Lucifer and preserve the earth and get it ready for humanities replenishing of it. This Angel was also called Talion.

(March 5th, 2000)

Now a young 10 year old orphan by the name of Joshua Jackson, pure of heart, humble, and God fearing, lived with an abusive Foster family. They would beat, kick and starve him to the point that he could not walk for days. But because of his Parents status, many didn\'t believe them to be that brutal, so it was often cast off as rumors. One particular day, as he lay on the cold hard wood floor of a 5 X 5 room, where he spent most of his days after school, as punishment for existing, he was visited by an angel who revealed to him that \"The One of Fire\" will manifest on the earth, particularly in the city of Void and resurrect an army of flames to consume all who opposed his will. For this, he would need to pray for the city, and for God to intervene, to protect he and others who are pure of heart. The the angel also told him that God has not turned a blind eye to him and his crys for freedom, but herd every single plea; this day...he would be free.

But only a few hours later, the police and protective services arrived at the Door. turns out that someone had been secret investigation Joshua\'s parents after he showed up to school complaining of stomach pai, which was discovered to be caused by repeated kicking. That day he was removed from that home and placed in a new home of God fearing parents as he was, who showed him the love he so longed for.


5 years later...(Today)
February 1, 2005

Joshua, now a successful high school student at Warsaw Hights, has never forgotten about that visitation from the angel, and because of that, he has become even more devoted to his belief, and has also become sensitive to the things that take place in the unseen realm. One night as he lay in his bed, another angel, different from the one 5 yrs. ago, appeared to him. This one was was spectacular, as his head touched the ceilling. He was covered in an amber colored cloud which was lit from the light that seemed to emanate from above his head, and he wore a distinct outfit---royal in nature. \"What...what is it?\", quivered Joshua. With a vice that seemed to piece every fiber of Joshua\'s being, the angel spoke: \"Your heart has continued to remain pure to the will of the the most high. For this I have been sent to protect you from the evil that will is to come.\" Joshua responds, \"The One of Fire, thing right? \" \"Yes\", said the angel. Joshua, with exitment, but still reseve, say, \"Yeah i\'ve been prayin\' about that thing sense one of you told me. Can I ask your name? You aren\'t the same one are you? You can\'t be the same one, you look diffrent,...WAAAAAAY diffrent ! Yer huge!!\". \"No i am not, the angel replied. \"I am the archangel Talion, who has come for your words. For He who sits on the thrown has plans for you.\" Then just like that, in a flash, he was gone.

From that point on, joshua knew that his purpose was much greater than he could even fathom and that every where he went he knew Talion was there to protect him.

Let us begin.

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