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Banshee | Characters

Banshee by Virulain
 Gender: female-ish.
 Height: 7'1
 Created: Prior to recording
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Intro comic is about how she kills Kent.
v. Swanky mentions how she killed Davies.
v. Lotus reveals her list of names and how she plans on killing them.
[current projects]
v. J.J. will be completed and resubmitted as a Beyond Battle.
A multi-part Beyond Battle featuring the complete story surrounding Kent and Davies' deaths is being planned. 7 pages done so far. Woop.

Name: Banshee
Age: 20-ish.
Height: 7'1" when corporeal; varies when incorporeal.
Weight: 172 lbs when corporeal; varies with degrees of solidarity.
PoB: Void City
PoD: Void City
Hair: Pale violet to white
Eyes: Orange
Complexion: Gray-violet
Class: ...BANSHEE?! undead. ghostly. kinda evil. definitely not on the side of light and happiness.

History: Before she died, Banshee had a different name and a different appearance--but she's losing awareness and memory of either of those two things. What she can remember is that when she was alive, she was involved in some of Void City's shadier dealings--not even shady, just pitch-fucking-inky-black--the child slave trade. She wasn't responsible for collecting the kids, but she did take them from the pens to the new owners; to soothe her own conscience, she tried to make sure that the men and women to whom she sold these children would use them for industrial labor ONLY, but really, Banshee couldn't make any guarantees.
She got into the business by once being herself a slave--they used her as a sort of Judas child, luring street kids to collectors in exchange for her own eventual freedom. Since she grew up only knowing that life and never being too abused, Banshee never sought a radically different world. Anyway, Banshee belonged to an organization--a gang, really--that basically caught, processed, and sold children to factory owners and less celebrated places. These mates of hers, they were all childhood friends, as it were, and they got a pretty good haul, especially since Banshee was good at sneaking her cargo past any officials who might suddenly get a wild hair up their asses to care.
Unfortunately for Banshee, there's a simple equation of cash that goes like this: the less the number of people to split the money, the more money each person gets. There were two other guys who could replace Banshee well enough, and no one wanted Banshee to get the idea that she was indispensible. Besides, she liked those kids too much--what if she turned everyone in? Really, the truth was that Brynt, the leader, was just pissed that she'd rejected him so many times and wanted to off her. So what do they do? Wait until no one's around, wait until she's away from anyone who's going to raise a fuss, and kill her. This is how the plan went down:
Banshee had another delivery to make--a single boy-child--and she had to take him by foot to an industrial site per the customer's orders. Supposedly, anyway. She was crossing a bridge when two of her mates revealed themselves. One--Ellis--asked her to leave--leave Void City, get the hell out of the business and go get married or something. She was bewildered and angered and of course she argued, because that's what women do. Of course, arguing with armed dudes isn't too bright; the first shots were fired by the other, Kiefer, who was just a tool of Brynt's. Anyway, those missed and Banshee whipped out her own twin guns and returned fire; she shot Kiefer in the shoulder, but it was Ellis's .45 that sent her over the rail and down to the concrete dock below. As she lay dying, the body of the little boy plummeted into the river.
Banshee came to at the Gate of Grudges; the Guardian gave her the immortal choices, and Banshee chose to haunt the earth in search of her killers and go to hell once her vengeance was complete. When Banshee entered the Grudge Gate, she was once more in Void City.
The Angel of Death visited her spirit in a coiste-bodhar (a giant black coach mounted by a coffin, drawn by headless horses, and driven by a dullahan) and gave her a shard of Chaos from the beginning of existence in exchange for her right eye in order to create the ghoul she is now; after all, one more agent of killing means more business for the Host.

Personality: Banshee has been in her present form for a year; that time span is not counted to her age, since she's dead. As time goes on, Banshee forgets more and more about her former self--this occasionally leads to panic and madness and killing sprees. She's not the most stable entity out there; she tends to avoid sentient creatures, especially adults, though she does spend a lot of her 'social time' with children, whom she adores, out of partially remembered guilt from her living profession. Part of her affinity for the young comes out of an empathic sense; the company of relatively inexperienced children is less painful than proximity to adults, who have had plenty of time to accumulate hatreds, prejudices, regrets, and fears. If Banshee perceives a threat to herself or a child, or if she is injured, she will erupt into violence. Banshee particularly dislikes men; she will generally merely avoid women. Otherwise, Banshee's mischievous and enjoys playing practical jokes--especially ones involving poetic justice.

Appearance: The more of her old self Banshee forgets, the more her image dissolves into ghoulishness. For now, her corporeal body is increasingly androgynous, has short, spiked white to pale violet hair (it does tend to change back and forth), a pale orange eye, sharp, jagged teeth, thin sharp limbs that are over-long, pale gray-violet skin of a corpse, prominent bones, two hoops and a stud in her left ear (that would be right when viewed head-on), a piercing in her left eyebrow and left nostril, a blue tattoo of rectangles under her left eye, and a black patch over her right that looks as if it were tacked to her face.
Banshee can disincorporate herself by degrees, and there'll be more info on that under abilities. Anyway, once she has reached total incorporeality, she is a dark corpse-violet with iris-less glowing orange eyes, enormous dagger teeth and claws, and her body is a writhing cloud in various states of form. This phase is amorphous, so feel free to make her as Sailor Moon-demonish as you damn well please when you draw her. At this point, she weighs nothing at all. When she becomes fatigued, her eyes fade to a dull periwinkle kind of color.
Being dead, Banshee does not eat, breathe, etc. She can't taste or smell, but she can hear; tactile sensations fade and spike at random, but are usually pretty low. She does experience pain, but not usually from purely physical things. Physical damage is restored by shifting totally into incorporeal form and then returning to solidarity; the energy drain is proportionate to the amount of damage done. No, you can't kill her by beheading her, but it's awfully fun. Well, technically you can't kill her, since she's dead, but there are all sorts of things to be done to a soul.
When Banshee speaks, which is seldom, she whispers--it's raspy. Besides which, she says obscure, random things, and speaks in the creole-slang of the street.

(Regenerative) If her corporeal body is damaged, Banshee can shift to her incorporeal form and regenerate; damage to her corporeal form doesn't kill her. It does, however, weaken her by forcing her to use her energy to repair herself. When her energy level sinks to a critical point, she must restore herself.
(Recharging) Banshee can restore her energy by devouring the souls of the dead. She gets the most from those who would be damned.
(Keen) This is a rarely used ability: Banshee can use the deadly scream of her kind to debilitate and/or kill surrounding beings. This ability cannot kill inorganic creatures, though it can destroy audio circuitry. She hasn't yet reached the frequency to destroy more than that. This ability is useless against anyone who is deaf.
(Incorporeal) Banshee's incorporeal body is for all purposes weightless and gaseous. Breathing her cloud causes numbness and disorientation. She cannot pass through walls but she can go through cracks and ventilation. Ooooh, chilling.

Fighting Style: Banshee prefers ambushing her targets or taking them out in small, small numbers: preferably one at a time. Her teeth and talons are her main weapons, and BOY is she messy. Most of the time she goes for the heart or the throat. If the fight becomes drawn out, numbers grow, or she becomes exhausted, she will flee. End o' story.

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