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Ultima Flare thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 5"10
 Created: Prior to recording
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Real Name: Marcus Maxximus Winters
Abilities: Light manipulation/generation. Heighted physical abilites (i.e. strength, speed, agility) Siphoning/filtering of negative energies.
(((Notes on abilities: Marcus has an extensive understanding of how light works and affects people in general.. due to this he has come up with a number of creative ways to use his abilities including: invisibility, illusions, solidifying light, lasers and the ability to see the entire spectrum including an infrared vision.
Being an Esprit (explained below) his body is, for lack of a better term, at a higher level than that of a normal human. Hence his breathing capacity as well as his strength, etc. exceed that of human limits. Also he has the ability to siphon the negative energy of those near him.. in order for the universe to have balance negative energy is drawn to him to make up for the good deeds he does. Because of this people in general tend to be happy around him without knowing why.. he, however is usually sad and/or depressed.. but hides it well. After a long time the negative energy makes him sick and he vomits it out as a harmless black sludge. Such is the price of being a hero.)))

The Legend:
There was a time when a man struck by lightning would be injured or die.. or a man exposed to radiation would be destroyed.. but in recent years a man struck by lightning is gifted with speed.. a man exposed to radiation given tremendous powers. The laws of the universe have been altered. How? There are dimensions where gods live. Asgard. Myrrodin. Valhallah. They refused to keep their magics in check.. they shrugged when villains from their worlds crossed the veil into ours.. and so the magical energies of these worlds poured into our realm and changed it forever. We would have been destroyed by the dark creatures that rose up but something else rose from those energies: The Esprit. Thought to be guardian spirits they were, in fact, just men granted great gifts. They fought the evil and kept us safe. They were the first..the original superheroes. The leader of these heroes was a man named Troi. In time he bore two sons to a human woman.. one was evil and the other was.. Marcus. But Troi didn't want his son growing up to face the hardships he did. So a seal was placed upon his chest.. around his family crest (the U shaped birthmark)which kept his powers in check.
With both of his parents dead, when Marcus became of age (16) he had the seal broken so he could access his powers to protect his loved ones. Ironically he found that his body had found it's own way to keep the excess energies of his body from flowing out of control by solidifying these excesses into an armor which also acts to protect his body. The armor is held firm without his having to concentrate via his innate powerbands.
Marcus lives by the rules of the esprit:
1)Protect the innocent at all costs.
2)Never give up.

Marcus lived to see all the evil where he resided be destroyed. With it, all the heroes, all his friends, and his remaining family were destroyed as well. He is the last.. or so he thinks. At any rate, his guardian sent him to void city.. away from the home that now only holds painful memories.

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