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Wrath by Reign
 Gender: male
 Height: 9ft
 Created: Prior to recording
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Height: 9ft
Weight: 2 tonnes
age: unknown

- constantly altering DNA structure (ability to counter elements/powers/weapons)
- Beyond superhuman strength.
- heightened reflexes
- psionic powers (telepathy, aura, blasts)
- impervious to projectile weapons (bullets) and a resiliance to physical attack.
- rage

His body is his weapon. The perfect killing machine.

Reluctant to speak, choosing to converse with those he deems fit or who suit his needs.
Judgemental and arrogant. Majestic presence.

A genetically engineered being created for the sole purpose of death, destruction and devestation by an evil and twisted tyrant called Reign.

Sharing the tyrants DNA, Wrath is everything the dark lord could have asked for in a warrior. Seemingly unstoppable, powerful yet completely under his control. The perfect weapon.

Before his release into the realm Void, timely intervention by Reign\'s servant, SiN, resulted in Wrath\'s mind being wiped, thus whatever maniacal intentions Reign had for Wrath were negated.

Not knowing this, Reign released Wrath believing his servant to crush resistance and bring yet another world to its knees. Instead, Wrath had vanished...

Until now.

SiN had averted yet another of his masters terrifying plans. But how long would it be before Wrath discovers the truth about himself and what he\'s really meant to do?

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