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Epo | Characters

Epo by Krissy
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'6
 Created: Prior to recording
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Name: Epo
Age: Actual age is unknown but appears to be in her mid-teens.
Birthplace/Origin: Unknown
Height: 5'6
Weight: Barely pushing 95 pounds.

When Epo first "exsisted" as she likes to put it, was when she was created. She originally for part of her life, was a computer virus, surfing the internet and sending viruses around. The virus was isolated and used for experimentation by an unknown organization. Many details from the experiment as well as the purpose is unknown. But from what is known...

They created human life using the virus as its "soul". Epo was then created. She was a virus, who could transfer computer viruses from outside the computer by just touching it. Her interactions with any electronic object could lead to the transfer of the virus. She is also able to connect with items, forcing them to do her bidding. This made her an excellent hacker. But Epo was also a human. A human who had a heartbeat. She could feel and smell. She could get sick. She could feel pain, could bleed, and she could die.

At one point in time, Epo was set off on her own. The reasons of this are still in the air, but Epo herself, never questions it, nor wishes to find out why.

While in the labortory she didn't not experience pain, nor many emotions. Feelings such as anger, sadness, pain and love are completly foreign to her at the present time. When it comes to interacting with other people, Epo tends to have a dry sense of humor, and is very sarcastic. She lacks expression in her face, but when she, for example, feels something for the first time she'll have a look of shock or something. She doesn't have that hardcore of a faceless mask. Though when the time comes for it, Epo can be very thoughtful. She is very intellegent afterall. Epo also dislikes to fight since her strenght is not all that grand.

Fighting Style:
In her travels since she left the lab, Epo has visited different cities and stayed there. Not being able to afford much she would stay in the bad side of town. And her ability to use her surrounding to her advantage in a fight started developing. If there was somesort of electronic device that she could use to her advantage she would use it as well. She has no specific fighting style, but she knows how to throw her punches and kicks.

Other Things:
-When walking around outside, Epo tends to be holding something or playing around with some things. (ex: she could be holding a regular fm/am radio and a cellphone and can manage to have the radio play internet radio stations) Something creative like that.
-If Epo knows she's outmatched, the first thing she'll do is run. Fast. In order to get to a place that she could use to her advantage.

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