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Draco thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 6 feet, 2 inches
 Created: Prior to recording
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Gareth Giovani was the famed commander of the Silent Thunder. This military group was one of the most prominent in Micena, the most powerful country on the planet Yunitor II. Nothing could stop them from accomplishing what they set out to do. So influential was this team of Special Forces that their leader came to be known by the codename “Draco”, for the Micenan government often deployed Silent Thunder to enforce policies that were widely seen as tyrannical acts of imperialism; not unlike the way the dragon keeps a village in constant awe and terror.

Draco came into the military as an 18-year-old young man of slight build, but his service quickly earned him a highly distinguished image, and he became a very imposing soldier fitting of Micena’s military force. He came to love the ferocity of combat, and he served in many a decisive battle. He came to be extremely skilled with the sword and rifle, as well as tactical fighting; it was of little surprise when he made it into the Silent Thunder.

Over the years, however, Draco came to realize that he was living a paradox many soldiers encountered: While many soldiers would detest battle but look forward to its results, Draco loved battle but rarely enjoyed the aftermath, partially due to Micena’s position as an imperialistic superpower. However, Draco had worked his way through the ranks and he did not wish to abandon his position so easily. All of this changed when the country of his ancestors, New Venna, was destroyed in a dispute between New Venna and Micena. Draco resigned from the military at the age of 32.

Draco became a teacher of swordsmanship for the next two years, and it is almost certain that he would have chosen this vocation from the beginning if he could choose now—it seemed to be his calling. Then, he received a message from Dr. Vivian White, who was a nurse in some of Micena’s recent conflicts. It was a request for assistance in weapons R&D. Draco felt that he was now being forced to choose between two evils; he would have to return to Micena’s harsh military force or refuse assistance to his country. He chose the one that would allow him to help a woman who he, after all, owed his life to.


Age: 34
Eye color: green
Hair: blond
Height: 6’2

Personality: Gentlemanly and mild toward most people, but able to act like a jackass when he needs to in order to incite someone into fighting. May be rather blunt with people he knows well if he thinks it will help, i.e. passing his knowledge along to Mize. Tough, focused and calculating when on a mission, like any good veteran.

Has an ever-present internal conflict as to what comes first: the country, or his beliefs? It often factors into his decisions, the way he unfailingly puts the research project as first priority. Yet he always hesitates to connect himself directly to the conflict on his home planet, hesitates to again be involved in its wars and his country's cruel use of force.

Abilities: Many years of combat experience, enhanced strength and reflexes due to Dr. White’s nanomachines.

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