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 Title: Armageddon 2014 Winner, Best Antagonist 2018
 Gender: Lady
 Height: 5'7
 Created: Prior to recording
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Full Name: Veronica Katherine Nightingale
Age: 35
Height 5'7
Occupation: Mayor of Caelum City
Weapon: Hi-tech Folding Fan, Caelum City's defense systems.

Veronica is the prideful and condescending Mayor of the technological flying city of Caelum. As one of the older residents of Void she has survived several Armageddons and city wide disasters, and has a lifetime of experiences. Early in her career in void she was visited by time travelers that told her that the name Nightingale will be known galaxy wide as conquerors and rulers spanning many generations. Her many experiences with time travelers telling her this has led her to believe that it is her right to seize control of the future for herself to ensure her name be remembered for future history. She is calculating and ruthless, and demands people show her respect.

Her fighting style is elegant and graceful, using her techno-fan to fire off energy blasts with dancer-like movements. The fan also functions as a blade in close quarters as well.

During the catastrophe that completely destroyed void city, the Horizon Foundation raised three segments of the land into the air and formed the floating city of Caelum. The city is divided into three island districts each run by Veronica Nightingale, Lady Vanity, and Minori Miyajima. Caleum City supports a no tolerance policy for super-powered individuals and deny them entry into the city if they have a criminal record or are infamous for causing trouble.
--The Vanity District has been grounded and is no longer considered a part of Caelum City.

Because of Veronica's status, she has full clearance to all of the defense systems built into Caelum City. While normally reserved for the Caelum City Police Force she can access anything from weapons, tools, vehicles, or wall/floor mounted hidden gun turrets anywhere in the city.

Veronica has a son, Theodore J Nightingale (age 8).
-- Theodore is 1/4 orc, having two pronounced fangs on his lower jaw, and a bit of a temper problem.
-- Veronica has expressed extreme disgust towards mentioning Theo's Father, and refuses to reveal who it is.
--Theo has taken up cross dressing, much to Veronica's dismay.

--Veronica is the aunt of Fawn Nightingale, and distant cousin of Marigold Nightingale (Fawn's mother)

Due to recent events (Armageddon 2014) Veronica suffer chronic migraines that seem to subside when she is exposed to Hiemium (Shards from the big meteor that hit Void City during the Tag Team Tournament).
-- As of the Summer Collab 2017 Veronica no longer suffers from her temporal Migraines, but for some reason, multiple "copies" of Veronica have been spotted.

--Due to Veronica's involvement in multiple time travel and universe splitting events, she appears to posses a number of random skills she is may or may not know about.

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