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Konchuu-man thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 6'1
 Created: Prior to recording
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Name: Konchuu-Man (real name: Tetsuya Kameoka)
Height: 6,1"
Weight: 130
Age:? Around 23-30
Race: Japanese
Language: Japanese (only broken English)

His suit is a strong suit; it slightly enhances his strength and conceals his identity. Makes him a little stronger than the average man and able to jump a little higher and land falls better. He has an unothradoxe fighting style; he seems to just throw his body to make hits land.

[The short version] Amnesiac Tetsuya befriends an orphaned girl that he saved and wears her dad’s strong suit to protect her. He fails, she is comatose and they go to void to run from the mob.

One day in an alley way in Osaka, A man awakens from a daze. He can't remember anything, not his name, not where he's from, nothing. Infact, he barley remembers how to speak. He saw a young girl, Ayami Inomata (around the age of 8) being accosted by some high school students. He saves the young girl and befriends her. He’s drawn in by her friendly smile. Later as he finds out, she lives by herself.
Ayami father was the top engineer at an up and coming pharmaceutical company, a branch of the Warsaw INC., who testified against the Yakuza in court. He knew he was due for a hit by the mob and set his daughter up in an apartment, and destroyed any evidence of her. He was eventually killed and she was left all alone.
Tetsuya was offered to stay with her buy Ayami. Since not remembering anything, he accepted. They live together for Three years. He would protect her when ever she got into trouble, which was a lot. He donned an experimentital suit Ayamis father created, and began protecting her. One unfortunate day, he failed to protect her and she ended up in a coma, with little sign of recovery. Once she was admitted to the hospital, she drew the attention of the Yakuza. Tetsuya, not wanting the only good thing in his life to disappear, took Ayami with him to Void city, a city of fighters. Surely some one in this city is in need of a hero for hire, somebody who needs protecting.
A ”hero for hire” Tetsuya wanders void in hope of finding people to protect. Making up for the one thing in his life he loved the most that he failed to protect. But how can he protect people with out hurting others. He battles this question everyday, a true hero's delimea.

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