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Lune by luniara
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'2
 Created: Prior to recording
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Full name: Lune Nicola
Age: 23
Height: 5'2
Weight: 130 pounds
Member of: White Jackets

Before Void:

Prior to coming to Void City, Lune was an advanced Student at OAK tech, an organization and school for exceptional and "special" children. Students are taught to control their powers and are also trained in various situations ranging from assassinations and physical combat to investigation. Upon graduating, Lune was assaulted by fellow students and, in self defense, killed her peers in a fit of rage. Upon learning of the occurrence, Lune's supervisor arranged for her to be sent out of OAK with Kamuro, an ex-student to investigate the whereabouts and bring back an escaped "ward of the State" identified as Fushigi (whose whereabouts were last known to be within Void City).

Early Void:

Upon arriving in Void, Lune has run into her target only a few times but was able to befriend Fushigi during those instances. Stuck in Void until her job is complete, Lune has felt isolated and thus her feeling about Void is a lonely one. Ill treated by her partner, who she has feelings for, Lune finds venturing into the city and partaking of its ...strange events somewhat of a comfort. Along the way, she has encountered many popular faces within the walls of Void and has befriended a few of them. Her closest friend being Galvo, who seems to push her harder through every step as he knows the ropes of the city more. Through this contact, Lune was eventually invited into the Carp Bombers Gang until their disbanding after the departure of James and Ayumi from Void.

The White Jackets:

After a long period of staying low, Lune was invited into the White Jackets due to her ability and knowledge of tracking/investigating by its leader, P2. She was put in-charge of patrolling and maintaining peace within the Bay district areas and assigned to send back information or confront any strange occurrences that might happen within those districts.


During a secret mission in Germany, Lune was sent out with Mize and the two developed an attraction to each other. The pair decided in the end to keep the intimate encounters hidden from the other members of the White Jackets and Mize gave her the nickname "Sekka" (meaning "Snowflake"). Despite how the two are generally opposites in many ways, the loneliness the two share keeps them coming back for more. Tired of trying to hide the relationship, Lune broke things off with Mize during his leave of absence from the WJ and soon after was pulled into the fight against Baron and Sarp. The two have had on and off relations since her return.


Injured during the last moments against Baron, Lune's body was pulled from the Bay and sent to Void City General Hospital where she remained in healing for 6 months. Fully recovering, Lune is back in the city and has been investigating the disappearance of P2. With the whereabouts of P2 still unknown she is facing more confrontations with Mize as the realization of seeing his actual love interest is coming into play. To avoid confrontations, She has discharged herself from her current duties within the organization, though still a working member of the team.


Water usage: Lune is able to control any body of water by manipulating and changing the molecules from the moisture in the air to the sewers, etc. Along with this ability, she has learned to constrict and change the body of water into some form of mass that may or may not strike an opponent as if it were a deadly weapon. However, this ability is energy consuming and is never used unless she feels her life is in complete danger. She tends to use her powers very rarely as not to draw too much attention and relies mostly on her physical combat. (Which is nothing special).

Physical Combat/Speed: Lune does not possess any extra strength, and relies mostly on her increased speed and agility. She is more on the defense than offense when it come to combat to make up for her lack of physical force.


At times she can be mostly temperamental and mellow when fighting and/or on a mission . When she is around people she trusts or is beginning to trust, her bright, shy and kind nature will show through. At times she has a hard time coping when things look rough in her own little world. She is very understanding when facing an oppenent and will sometimes give them the benefit of doubt. When cornered, she is less likely to cooperate and is more aggressive.

(NOTE- her Red Body suit is not a thong! lol!)

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