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Traveler | Characters

Traveler by mr. robot
 Gender: Male
 Height: 6\'2
 Created: Prior to recording
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\"My pseudonym suggests a sense of purpose that I have forgotten. I do not travel. I am lost. Dying slowly in some place between God and space-time.\"

October 2006:
(Traveler vs. Dr. Pye) Traveler has returned to Void City after an apparently year-long hiatus... in his life, he has been absent for nearly 30 years. Now in his 60s (but still, due to medicines and technology of THE FUTURE, very strong), Traveler has been trapped the last 10 or 20 years in ancient North America, as his power mysteriously stopped working for the very first time, prompting him to wonder at the source of the power that has given him such a rich, bizarre, hedonistic life. This Old Traveler is much quieter and more standoffish than his younger self, but he is very mysterious, imposing and powerful. Once an amoral, hedonistic adventurer, Traveler now seeks to be a force of good. He is much more humble than before, but still very self-confident. His mannerisms are strange, but not particularly flamboyant, as he\'s existed for so long without a single culture to live within. He has not used English for several years before returning to Void, so he doesn\'t talk very much; rather than saying something incorrectly, though, he would just say it very briefly, or not at all. If he speaks, it is very important. In combat, he acts as a hunter, with very little sense of honor, very aware of his surroundings and abilities. His time traveling ability, until otherwise noted, DOES NOT WORK.

PREVIOUS BIO for the 36-year-old Traveler (an interesting thing about this character is that you can use the Young Traveler if you prefer, as he could travel to any point in time, at any point in his life, until his power stopped as aforementioned):
Born in a distant future, the Traveler was given the ability to travel freely through time and space at the age of ten (**See HISTORY, Beyond Battle). Now in his late thirties, he has wandered history for almost thirty years, alone, forgetting his own story... or blocking it from his mind. His power of transportation is limited by a recovery time of about eight minutes; that is, he must stay a minimum of eight minutes in each place before traveling again. If he breaks this rule, the strain of transfer tears his skin and clothes with dozens of random lacerations, and he goes berserk for several hours (**See Traveler vs. Kappa).

The horn on Traveler\'s forehead is an implant from the 24th century and his most noticeable characteristic (and has no practical use); along with his mismatched and temporally and spatially jumbled articles of clothing. He is very knowledgeable and worldly and feels comfortable in almost any situation or culture. His preferred method of fighting is with swords or other melee weapons, and he uses his environment to his advantage whenever possible.

He has seen all there is to see, and has arrived in Void City hearing tales of its fame, but somewhat skeptical of what it has to offer.

(naming this character a word that has different American and International spellings was an oversight on my part; spell it \"Traveler\" or \"Traveller,\" whichever you prefer)

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