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Blake Neddon by swanpyart
 Gender: Male
 Height: 6'9"
 Created: October 5th, 2023
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Blake Neddon was the cursed child of an illegitimate couple, born half-demon and half-human. Raised by the Order of the Night Eye, a fringe cult on the outskirts of Void City, Blake was disciplined in the art of sword fighting and taught to keep all of his emotions bottled up inside, lest his demonic half take over and consume him. That being said, this seems to have done more damage than good, as adult Blake is emotionally repressed, calculating and cold, but also one bad day from snapping and letting loose after all of this time.... and he's starting to question whether that'd be so bad.

After a stressful encounter with the Bridesmaids of Death, his true form has been awakened, and Blake must now get used to his new demonic appearance and powers, alongside battling his internalized self-hatred.

Personality: Blake has spent his entire life maintaining full control over his emotions, and as such appears on the surface as cold, calculating, and emotionally inexpressive. Post-transformation, Blake's true feelings are much harder to repress, and it makes him quick to anger, fear, and panic, making him a very cranky and stoic individual. Blake struggles to find a happy medium between these two extremes. However, a consistent part of Blake's character is his fear and hatred of himself, and his belief that he is a monster. Blake is not cruel and doesn't want to hurt anyone unprovoked, but will fight back viciously if he must defend himself. Blake is bad with conversation, awkward, and not good at being comforting, but he will save a person who is defenseless.
Fire Breath: Blake can breath fire from his mouth, and exhale fire through the yellow marks on his body.
Flight: Blake can fly with his demon wings.
Unholy Speech: Blake can speak and understand unholy or infernal tongues or inhuman languages. This language can potentially negatively affect other demons, and Blake has little to no control over this.
Strength: Blake is incredibly physically tough.
Claws: Blake's claws can cut through strong material.
Magic Detection: Blake can detect other magical lifeforms, such as angels, ghosts, other demons, etc.
Healing Factor: Blake can heal quickly from injuries. More gruesome injuries, such as loss of limb or stabs, take longer to heal and require immediate rest.
Sword Conjuring: Blake can summon swords from his body.
Weakness to holy power or items: holy magic causes Blake pain and can cause him to become more instinctive and aggressive (as a demon, he has a natural aversion to these items, and panics when confronted with them).
Inexperience: Blake doesn't understand most of his powers, and may not use them to the best of their abilities.

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