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01 by TechnoAlchemist
 Gender: He/him
 Height: Tall
 Created: March 12th, 2023
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Tl;dr version:
01 is a robot that originated from the Void universe, but he has no memories of his life back then. He knows a decent amount of magic, but his practical experience with using it is incredibly limited due to his only source of magical energy being his cane. Despite this, he’s (over)confident in his abilities & is questing to the Dead Center of the tundra (where a large well of magical energy is stored) in order to pull off a spell that can transport him to the Void Lands. His goal is complicated by the fact that he’s wildly unprepared for this journey and that he’s an emotionally constipated jerk that’s too much of a coward to admit to the fact that he might like having friends, actually.

Full version:
BIO - 01 is a robot that just simply woke up in the middle of the Diov Tundra one day with no memories of who he once was. With his keen observation skills and absurd levels of determination, he put in the years of effort to become a lucrative defense attorney. Outside of a rough few first months, he’s lived most of his life here very comfortably. Outside of his job, one might even say that he’s never worked a hard day in his life. While 01 was technically fine with this life, he couldn’t help but want to know who he once was, to the point where he’s willing to leave his current life behind to find out.

PERSONALITY - 01 is, to put it simply, a bit of a pretentious asshole. He constantly acts like he’s the smartest person in any given room & uses overly long words in regular conversations. Despite this, one might find it difficult to deny that there’s some sort of underlying (albeit vague) sort of charm to him, thus causing people to gravitate towards him, whether it’s to understand why acts the way that he does or just to mess with him a little bit. Unfortunately for him, he would much rather prefer if he could keeps others at an arm's length, seemingly terrified to admit to the fact that he cares about those around him than he says that he does. He’s also much more willing to lend a helping hand and words of advice to others, even if his own life is in shambles. He’s cowardly, but fiercely determined, always trying to get what he wants by his own terms, no matter how much troubleshooting and workarounds he has to do to get there.

His communicator (the yellow ball thingy on his neck) is the only thing that lets him speak. The line going through the middle of it moves around whenever he talks.
While he has done enough research to be moderate at magic, he only has a novice’s level of actual experience. Unfortunately, he thinks that he doesn’t need the practical experience necessary to pull off his plan.
Despite trying to keep a professional air around him at all times, it’s incredibly easy to make him drop that act entirely. Just say one swear word around him and he’ll be flushed and stuttering about how it’s “so improper” and “absolutely barbaric.”
Adding on to that last point: he actually tends to stutter a lot when experiencing extreme emotions (including joy).
Both of his “eyes” are actually made out of high quality glass that he bought a couple of years back. They’re easily replaceable and aren’t even necessary.
He’s very physically weak (and a total coward), so he tries to avoid physical conflicts whenever he can.
Despite only being able to feel the pressure of it, 01 actually really loves physical comforts and touches, such as hugs and pats on the back. He, of course, has told no one about this.

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