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 Gender: Genderfluid
 Height: 5'0"
 Created: January 20th, 2023
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Batshit crazy of a bookworm, being half-Bambusan (my flora-humanoid species)/half-Shadestonean (my demon species), who hid away for far too long from the humanity only to find himself... Dealing with everyone all of sudden!?

OK so, he's known to be pretty dang delusional by many, but is that really the case? Or was that just the 'back in my day' talk? Let's just say he can speak- And act- For the dead.

He also lost parts of his sanity over the time he was harassed by demon hunters and such and doesn't know some common *new* phrases or laws, let alone even certain "unspoken rules". Advanced technology, even.

He's easily startled/freaked out by anyone he doesn't know, especially humans. But can be helpful and affectionate (also doesn't have to be romantic, I promise). He also likes writing and reading, as well as theatres.

... Keep his glasses on at all times, by the way, or you may regret it.

Don't worry, it's temporary... Hopefully.

Known powers (Source: Superpower Wiki) ;
- Bibliokinesis
- Pertifying Gaze
- Mediumship

Known weaknesses ;
- Fire
- Weed Killer
- Gold

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