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Chrimnon by Caanan02
 Gender: Male
 Height: now he's 6'8"
 Created: Prior to recording
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Name: Chrimnon
(Before death: Brent Riley)

Date of Birth: December 9, 1967

Place of Birth: Denver, Colorado

On a cool fall afternoon, 2 men would test the existent of their friendship as one would lose his life at the hands of the other in a fit of uncontrollable rage.

Brothers in the art of combat, world-wide much respect was given to these 2 mean. One in his early 20's, the other in his late 30's.... quite lethal against the most formidable of fighters.

Fenix. A young man endowed with the ability to harness the chaos of the flame and a titan in strength. Brent Riley. A master of the water element, wielding it as he so desired coupled with seasoned martial arts. These men traveled the world dominating tournament after tournament until mysterious events separated the pare. "no word... no warning" explained Riley as the press caught wind of the unexpected separation. A month later, in the remote areas of the Amazon, Riley stood poised in meditation a top one Iron Mountain, the place he and Fenix first met in battle, when the hair on his neck began to stand on in. An erie yet familiar voice called to him, " Brent..., Brent i can't..." Riley slowly turned around to a awesome sight---his former fighting companion and close friend, stand hunched over engulfed in flames, but he was not burning. "Fenix!!! Where have you been kid?" Riley knew something was terribly wrong ..."Fenix had never lost control of his power", he thought to himself. This was something else; something far more sinister... an evil presents filled the air. Then he began to understand what was wrong. His friend was no longer there---for Fenix play host to another.... he was demon possessed!

Fire randomly leaked from Fenix eyes, as the demon ravaged his young friends body and soul. "HhhhEEEEEEELP MEEEE AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Suddenly a bellowing inferno shot forth from fenix hand as if he were acting out of reflex, decimating the ground around him.
"relax kid, it's gonna be ok. We just need to get to to to the local village---they'll know what to do", Riley calmly exclaimed. Fenix began to laugh but not of his own accord, but the will of the one with in him."HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA! You infested human maggot! You think some little village doctor can sprinkle dust on me and i'll just VANISH?!!!! INGRATE!!! THIS BODY BELONGS......TO MEEEEEE!!!!!! FENIX BURST!!!! Unable to able to evade his friends devastating attack, Riley was hit with the full magnitude of the blast sending him off the cliffs edge in a blazing fireball. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*" With a diabolical look os satisfaction Fenix stood watching his friend plummet to his death "Well done young one" cackled the demon. "You will be very useful to me, HAHHAHAHAHA" Coming to his right mind, Fenix staggers away, confused and unaware at what just took place. At the base of the the mountain lay Brent Riley....burned almost beyond recognition, but miraculously still live at the moment and in unimaginable pain. Had he not plunged into the river, his body would have been incinerated. In a euphoric state, he began to cry out faintly for help but no one could hear him. For 2 days and 2 nights he cried out for help till finally he breathed his last. A month had pass and already speculation of Riley's death swept the globe as mourners from all over, paid homage to one of street fighting's greatest champions.

In an unknown darkeness, neither here nor there, a peaceful voice whispers "Riley... Brent Riley.... open your eyes... " Suddenly, Riley eyes opened as if being revived from a drowning. "HHHHHHHHHH, cough...cough....wha...what is this,...who are you, where am i" As his eyes regain focus, he is in amazement at the brilliant light which seemed to hold him as a mother would a child first born. "Hello brent" the voices uttered. I am Luncellsia, watcher of all on earth, deemed to prosecutor of evil. I have chosen YOU to pass judgment those who are plaguing the earth with their moraless transgressions-----you will be named Chrimnon (the mirrored warrior). for you will me the walking essence of every man, woman and child you meet. I will guide show you how to control the rage you will feel. You will be able to mimic your opponent upon physical contact with them and increase there power 10 fold for your skin will act as a power cell. This power will only last for a span of 40 human min. Yet each time you touch your opponent, The process will start all over again, so use it wisely. This action will use a great amount of your energy. In as much, your body can use the energy of your opponent and add it to any injuries you sustain, healing instantly. All that you knew is also intact, and i have enhanced that as well. Go Chrimnon, and cleans the earth of the vial pestilence that corrupts this earth.

Your quest for purity begins in a city called Void. There you will find Fenix, appease him ... free him of the guilt. There you will find redemption.

So it begins...

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