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Mono Xa by Null
 Gender: Genderless
 Height: 7'2"
 Created: December 28th, 2022
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Pluto, Pollenstilence, Flowerman of the Apocalypse



Florastonean Datan



Chaotic Good

Sporokinesis, Ergokinesis, Vitikinesis, Shapeshifting, and Regeneration

Vinegar, Magnets, Gold, Lack of Energy, and Sunlight (Turns Into Stone)

PERSONALITY: Known by the humanity as one of the most unpredictable and chaotic minions working for the ruthless and fearsome leader, Cross, who seeks to destroy the humanity's hope by overtaking it with dark nature and wiping out the human species one body at a time; Mono doesn't seem like he deserves any ounce of respect nor forgiveness, which he doesn't blame anyone for, considering he doesn't have enough in himself to really care about what others think of him. He's not a people pleaser, that's for sure. But there are also times where it gets too much that he eventually snaps and collapses before going feral and attacking whoever is in his path then frantically and awkwardly trying to make up for it before leaving or something like that. He often acts pretty insensitive but would be quick to break through with showing his caring side if his cold heart gets strung well enough. Mono may not seem much like the romantic type but oh, he really does. And he's not going to just spill that easily. He keeps that part very silent in order to protect his beloved from potential danger of others getting the drop on them for being with him.

BACKSTORY: Mono died a very unfortunate death- Falling from a six-story building and hit the ground head-first, but the ground had been already overgrown thick with mysterious, strange ghastly pale parasitic flowers which then instantly bonded with him and took control of his mind. Mono winded up in a hospital without any collection of what happened, or even his own past and killed pretty much everyone in the entire building. Cross, the leader of said plant type, took notice and took him in and trained him to become a killing machine and second-in-command for him with time. Poor Mono, the real one, didn't even have any chance to take back control while being trapped in the body- Until he was killed again. By the Juggernaut, his twin sister, Ven Xa. Then unfortunately, the Juggernaut, whom ironically saved her own brother by killing him and giving him his control back, was then immediately sent to an anti-reality prison by Cross but by the time the vile leader tried to get Mono again, Mono disappeared.

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