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Felix by TechnoAlchemist
 Gender: He/him
 Height: High schooler height
 Created: December 14th, 2022
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BIO: Felix is a sentient robot who desperately wants to become a proper superhero someday. Having first “woken up” in an abandoned junkyard, he found an old radio that could only play one channel. He had only arrived in Void City very recently, coming there because it’s where he believed that he could truly become a hero & stop crime.
Before that? He claims that he “woke up” in a junkyard someday, having found some clothing and an old radio after a few days of wandering. Whenever anybody asks for information about his time before the junkyard, he just gets a guilty look on his face and says that he doesn’t know.

PERSONALITY: Felix is an over energetic child and superhero wannabe. He’s quick to jump to the side of anybody he thinks is experiencing injustice, but his worldview is incredibly black and white, so he tends to place everybody in a box: good & bad. He tends to rely on gut instinct and whatever emotions he’s feeling at the time which, while it makes him quick to act in dangerous situations, he has a difficult time thinking things through. He isn’t far too rebellious either, willing to take things as they come. He’s still pretty new to… being a person in general as well, so he tries to copy what everybody else is doing in new situations, regardless of whether or not he’s capable of doing the same thing as them (ex: if he’s at a dinner table & everybody else is eating, he’ll try to press food up to his lack of mouth).
At his best, he’s caring, warm, creative, optimistic, flexible, and quick to act. At his worst, he’s aggressive, gullible, over-the-top, avoidant, insecure, and he cares too much about what others think of him.

RELATIONSHIPS: As of now, he doesn’t really know anybody else in Void City. (This section will be updated as I make more comics with him, developing bonds between Felix and other characters!)

- He has super strength, capable of lifting up to 2 tons of weight if he really tries.
- He also has super endurance due to being made out of metal. Most normal bullets just simply ricochet off of his body.

- Water. ESPECIALLY carbonated water. If that stuff gets on him & he doesn’t clean it up, he’ll rust.
He’s incredibly heavy, making him pretty physically slow.
- As said before, he is incredibly gullible. Honestly, this part of him cannot be understated. Combined with his black and white world view and his tendency to be over-the-top, it’s very easy to create a recipe for disaster.

- He is entirely mute. The closest thing that he has to verbal “speech” are various beeps and whirrs which can only display his general mood.
- He does know some sign language, but only a few basic words and phrases, such as stating his name and that he’s a hero.
- He REFUSES to take off his shirt around other people, even when he absolutely has to (ex: repairs). He’s terrified of showing others what's underneath, but when pressed, he refuses to tell people why…
- Generally speaking, Felix can’t really physically feel anything. He can still feel the pressure, but nothing like temperature or texture.
- If one is capable of piercing through his metal “skin” however, that he’ll DEFINITELY feel pain. It’s relatively dull, but it still hurts. Though, if one were to press really, really hard on his back while he’s unharmed, he might just let out a small beep of pain. When asked why it seems to hurt, he just quickly signs that he “didn’t feel a thing.”
- He is very much homeless, but he kinda doesn’t realize it. He views his spot under a bridge in an abandoned part of the city as his house, thinking that it’s just as valid as any other home. The idea that he could be living somewhere much better doesn’t seem to cross his mind either.
- He wanders around the city a lot, trying to get more well-acquainted with it. This occasionally lands him in places that he really shouldn’t be in.
- He wears clothes and a wig because he has a slight fascination with organic life, especially humans.
- Due to his height, many people mistake him for a high schooler at first glance, making it a surprise for most that he’s still a young child.
- His eyes are two holes on the front of his (actually hollow) head. The technically “cannon” way that his eyes look are as two large hollow circles, but I just prefer to draw pill eyes, so feel free to draw whatever interpretation that you like.

- He loves comic books! Or, at least he would if he could afford them.
- He doesn’t have a job (he’s too young), so all the money that he has is whatever he finds on the ground.
- He has slight aquaphobia. It’s not debilitating or anything, but he’ll still avoid staying near water for long periods of time (especially carbonated water like sodas).
- His favorite color is, shockingly enough, red.

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