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Helium Star by Null
 Gender: Male
 Height: 6'2"
 Created: January 17th, 2023
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NICKNAME(S)/ALIAS: Zazzy/Zaz/Prince Helium
AGE: 450+ (Adult)
SEXUALITY: Pansexual
MORALITY: Chaotic Good
ABILITIES: Hemokinesis, Vampiric Drain, Hypnosis, Gravity Defiance, Ergokinesis
WEAKNESSES: Gold, Citrus, Magnets, EMPs, and Light Distractions
PERSONALITY: Familial Loyalty, Reasonably Forgiving, Disturbingly Charmisatic, Stupidly Desperate, Pretty Paranoid, Emotionally Constipated
BACKSTORY: Zazzy was born to a very busy and proud couple of monarchs, who had high standards for him and his twin sister, Neon. When he was an older teenager, a tragedy struck and he was turned into a vampire moth during that time. After a while, he coped with his own unhappiness and self-consciousness by pretending to be your typical popular douchebag though he was loved by many people but also hated by many others. He never really wanted to talk about the tragedy... Nor the very incident that got him slowly shifting towards the darkness. Never did. Into the later adulthood, he decided to ditch the teenagehood and popularity as he joined the Intergalactic Fighter team. Later, in the same group, he ended up becoming the new leader when the old one died, hoping to prove to himself that he could be far better- as a person- than he previously thought. Zazzy later helped Neon get into the team, later realizing it's his fault for 'dragging her and himself into the hell'. The duo eventually escaped together and Zazzy ended up hating himself again for everything he'd done. After a while of drowning himself in guilt and shame, Zazzy turned to Emperor Ruby, the one who turned him, for help. He eventually accepted the offer to become the Advisor for the clan after enough training.

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