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Attic & Pippa
 Gender: Yippee!
 Height: 6'9" & 3'0"
 Created: May 24th, 2023
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"Are we there yet?"

Attic (aka [REDACTED])

Attic: ~6,000-years-old
Pippa: 7-years-old

Attic: he/him/his
Pippa: she/her/hers

Attic: asexual
Pippa: unknown

Attic is in Void City to unethically gather body parts for ~ personal reasons ~, while also trying to recover from his alcoholism at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Pippa is in Void City to help her dad out with some of his more "pleasant" work, while also being "homeschooled," since Attic didn't exactly adopt her legally. She has no idea what's going on most of the time, but she sure is having fun!

Attic: he’s very straight forward & to the point when asked what his thoughts about a topic are & he doesn’t seem all that worried about coming across as "rude" towards anyone who directly asks for his honesty. He’s not super interested in having a ton of close connections, but he is still personable & willing to go out & #vibe with the general population. He’s pretty "laid back" (deadpan) for the most part, unless someone is threatening his daughter's safety, digging up dirt on him, &/or the person somehow manages to genuinely irritate him (which is EXTREMELY difficult to do).

Pippa: she's friendly & curious! She enjoys picking apart peoples brains by asking 43435465444 questions & doing impromptu “interviews.” While she is sociable, she is not 100% trusting of just anyone & if she is unsure of someone, she will keep her distance, unless she needs to be brave. She has an extremely difficult time lying, so she often avoids answering difficult questions in really childish ways, because... she is a literal child. She believes her dad is always going to be there to catch her both literally & metaphorically & once she does fully trust someone, she will follow them to the ends of the earth—no matter the cost.

- Physically strong, but he can strain his back if he overworks himself
- Bonebending: can control, manipulate, transform, break, heal, etc. the bones of vertebrates from both the inside & outside of something/someone with his mind. The amount of damage he can inflict is determined by proximity, how big the skeleton is that he's working with, & the number of living things with bones that are both present & being controlled, etc.

- Can keep a ridiculous & unrealistic amount of objects in her pockets
- While she is part toon, she actually isn't super indestructible & she can be hurt just as easily as any regular, non-toon child
- Can hop into & travel through any form of drawn, painted, etc. art as long as the art piece isn't destroyed &/or broken in some way (also, yes, tattoos on living people are unfortunately included in this)
- Necromancy by blood: can rot through dead flesh & control/raise the dead via touch & her own blood. Not everything that she brings back to life comes back right, but, thankfully, 9 times out of 10 that is not the case. If she doesn't take breaks from performing necromancy, she can get physically sick & start turning monochrome

- Pippa has a British accent
- Attic works in the basement of an occult shop whose owner often sends Pippa out to do ~ secret deliveries ~ without Attic's knowledge
- Ever since the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, Attic has developed volcanophobia & he gets very anxious whenever he sees copious amounts of ash

"No, not yet."

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