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Taka Cowan
 Gender: Man
 Height: 5'6"
 Created: May 4th, 2023
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"Sorry big fella, I'm not feelin' like much of a chancer today."

Taka Cowan (aka Takayuki MacEoghain)

~126-years-old (born 9/11/1897; stopped physically aging at age 25)

He/him/his only


Taka works for a chauffeur company run by [REDACTED] & he was sent to Void City for job-related reasons that are still unknown to him, but hey! At least he has something to do (outside of looking for yet another therapist).

Affectionate* / ambivert / apathetic / avoidant / blunt* / cheeky* / clingy* / Emotional Masochist™* / fake / gluttonous / hypocritical / impulsive* / insecure* / loyal (IN THEORY)* / morbid* / observant / obsessive* / opportunistic / overly-apologetic* / oversharer* / “polite” / punctual / resourceful / “reserved” / serotonin junky* / stalker* / volatile (especially when his feelings have been bottled up for too long)

Other personality notes:
- Puts on an extremely charismatic persona when he’s on the job &/or looking around for food
- Not naturally quiet, but he’s learned that keeping to himself (outside of work & finding food) means he’s less likely to have problems

*These traits are only REALLY applicable to people he actually likes (unfortunately)

- Fast, flexible, & physically sturdy
- Can sniff out food pretty easily
- Regenerates slowly when injured & does NOT have a high pain tolerance
- Saliva causes wounds to become temporarily numb & to heal significantly slower
- Consuming his blood & flesh in small amounts can cause a very nice physical high, but ingesting Too Much will eventually cause the person to go into a temporary state of paralysis
- The chest mouth can bite hard enough to break bones & it can also scream loud enough to shatter glass, etc.
- Can only consume what has died & been brought back to life (i.e. necromancied animals, vampires, zombies, etc.) without throwing up blood
- Usually drives customers around in a "regular ol' limousine" that seems to, on rare occasions, have a mind of its own

- Has dyslexia & protanopia
- Scared of doctors & hospitals
- Naturally has an Irish accent, but when he’s bored he’ll mimic a midwestern American accent
- He’s been in & out of therapy since the 1960s & he often gives up & stops going after ~1-2 weeks
- If Taka realizes a meal isn’t worth the trouble & effort, he will simply nope on out of the situation & hope to god he isn’t being pursued by said meal
- Outside of all of the wallets & IDs, Taka often cleans up the belongings of his meals before donating them to thrift shops & homeless shelters & if there are any remaining bones, etc. then he’ll sell those to various occult & oddity shops
- Miscellaneous interests: aquariums, ceramics, dancing, hamsters, math, music, sewing, old cars, street + drag racing, Valentine's Day, taking computers apart, gutting animals, & eating mangoes when he knows he shouldn’t be eating mangoes

"Yah, I have 'mam issues,' but ye don't see me bein' a gowl an' a half about 'em right now."

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