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Ancile by kubo
 Title: World's Best Escalator
 Gender: They/Them/We
 Height: 6'
 Created: September 16th, 2022
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Ancile is an anomaly born from the temporal distortions brought on by the Hell Raisers, Hunter and Gray. After the events of the Great Escalation tournament, Ancile found their true form and is now exploring the Void Lands.

Ancile is upbeat and charmed by even the most mundane facets of everyday life. They very rarely get discourage and stay positive in the worst situations.

Cosmic Rings - The seven rings that hover around Ancile can be used to open up gates to other realms. They can shift in size and shape, swallowing up entire buildings if desired. If a ring is ever broken the gate may permanently fuse the two realms together in the surrounding area. Over time, Ancile can reform broken rings. These Cosmic Rings can also be used to travel between one another on the same realm.

Limited Telekinesis - Ancile can manipulate objects that are in close proximity to their arms, as if they had hands. They can use this ability to complete intricate tasks, such as typing on a computer, open locks, or even chop wood as if with an axe. With full concentration Ancile can lift upwards of 300 lbs.

Mask of Shielding - Crafted from the shards of an ancient relic, the mask protects its wearer from being harmed by anyone they personally have not harmed themselves.

Ancile is still learning about themselves and so has not discovered their full potential yet.

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