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HR99 by Pizza Man
 Gender: N/A
 Height: 4 in to 82 ft
 Created: October 10th, 2022
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[[Disclaimer: I did not create this character to cheese scar/death matches and have no intention of ever using them for such battles. This character was created to add a wild card to the matches they would be in. The massive variety of characters is meant to incentivize opponents to think creatively and encourage unique encounters for every battle.]]

Deep in the rubble of a military scrap yard, a small blue robot was recovered by one very bored child genius. The robot called itself Titan, and was found to have a unique ability to revive previously unsalvageable robots. Unfortunately this power is limited to reviving 99 machines at a time. During the next 14 months the two would salvage and revive 98 other machines with the 99th slot being kept for emergencies.

Titan then became the centerpiece of a robot rental scheme formulated by the child genius. Most of the machines have names but go by their numbers during work hours. There is no limit to how many robots one can rent at a given time. Each robot regardless of skill level or usefulness costs $99 a day to rent. While on the surface they have to follow basic societal rules they can be bought for more dubious purposes. The only thing they are truly unable to do is anything sexual. Seriously. Just don't.

Titan (No.99) can only revive a singular machine once and upon being destroyed a second time the previously revived machine is removed from Titan's registry and the spot is once again vacant for another machine to take. If Titan is destroyed all the other robots will die along with them.

Due to the characters' massive roster I'll posting an index with a brief description of each machine in the forums here:,13643.0.html

For context on the ref sheet
TL=Threat Level a classic Void measurement of danger.,13336.0.html
HHL=Human hostility level a new calculator for robots to distinguish their usefulness to fleshies
1- Openly Helpful
2 – Friendly
3 – Indifferent
4 – Distrustful
5 – Openly Hostile

Tip: If you're feeling overwhelmed by the choices you can always use a random number generator to pick your opponent(s) at random. It's more fun that way too trust me ;)

What Artists should know:

-I consider nearly every comic of HR99 canon regardless of which side drew them save for when the narratives contradict each other heavily then the winner is considered canon to me (example V-cup 2022)

-You can borrow HR99 for anything that isn't a death/scar/annihilation match and you don't have to even ask

-While I don't have control over what others do with my characters I must ask that you please refrain from lewding them when either borrowing or fighting them. I will not consider lewd comics of HR99 as canon

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