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Tam by SirJellyRaptor
 Gender: usually female
 Height: generally 5'8"
 Created: September 16th, 2022
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Often acting on a whims and having many whims to act on, Tam can be difficult to predict. the one certainty is that when she arrives everyone else's day is probably about to get worse. Who would have guessed her proprietary blend of nihillistic hedonism wouldn't mix well with unchecked godlike power? Insane by choice and lacking in any apparent consequences, she tends to not second guess her impulses and act on them without thinking. a real issue for someone with frequent homicidal tendencies. She's not lacking in reason, she just doesn't particularly care.

Tam is best described as a demon, though her actual species is unknown. she possesses reality warping abilities limited to a small area around her person. Such abilities, when combined with her demeanor and general antics, could easily get her mistaken for a toon. her body shape and proportions can be altered at will, though she usually doesn't change much beyond her usual form. most frequently she'll use these abilities to change between a bipedal and a quadrupedal form, whichever she's feeling at the moment. She can summon spectral copies of herself, up to 5 at a time. these copies are monochromatic with each being a different color. She doesn't quite have full control over these copies, and they can act of their own volition, and sometimes have a habit of appearing without being directly summoned.

other notes:

- Necklace never comes off, she's always wearing it. deep personal value
-arm warmers usually don't come off, except when other gloves are being worn
- Avid musician, with a preference for the piano and the kazoo
-frequent user of psychoactive substances

"The Devil made me do it, but I also kinda wanted to"

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