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Slack by Joe Outside
 Gender: Male
 Height: 5\'11
 Created: Prior to recording
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Void City.

Most people think of the place as a slime pit of the worst sort, a place suited for nothing better than serving as arena for a collection of the most twisted psychopaths known to man.

I always just thought of it as home,

Born and raised here, I lived a pretty normal life walking the typical college student\'s tightrope of convincing my \'rents that I was trying to make something of my life--doing things like holding a part-time job and volunteering to run puppet shows for kids at the hospital--and doing my very best to slack off as much as possible. Life was good.

Too bad the fighters had to frag it up.

The folks and I were on the way to the hospital to run another puppet show when some idiot knocked a water tower off of the building we were walking by. I heard later that 5 were DOA and 3 others were wounded. I lost my arms. Mom and Dad were in the former group.
I was contacted later by Dr. Aloysius Brown, who offered to get me replacements at a discount price. Now, I can meet these bastards on equal terms.

VOID Fighters that can\'t cut normal folks any slack sure as gehenna aren\'t going to get any.

Height: 5\'11\"
Weight (before cyber): 185 Lbs. (with cyber): 241 Lbs.
Age: 21
Ethnicity: Half German, One quarter Japanese, One quarter Italian.
Voice actor: Christian Slater

Slack\'s right arm, despite looks, reacts as well as a natural arm. The metal fingertips can be fired, trailing a carbonite multi-fibre line (\"Fingerstrings\") that Slack has shown a degree of control over, to the extent of \"bending in flight\", wrapping the lines around whatever he targets. He can then pull with an impressive amount of power--up to about 500 pounds at 3\'/second normally, up to 1500 pounds hauling manually at his shoulder wheel.
Slack\'s left hand is a grapple gun with 100\' of steel cable that can pull him at 10\'/second. He also has a penetrating left thrust and can let out about 3 feet of cable to wield the grapple as a kawanaga. The large yellow pod mounted on the arm is a 10,000V/7Amp capacitor, only used in extreme circumstances (scar and death matches).
His left eye is also artificial and can see the battle aura\'s of void fighters (he doesn\'t know yet what various auras mean, just that they exist in void fighters and not in normal folks) and has limited lowlight.
Most of Slack\'s right chest was also replaced and holds an artificial lung.
Slack is also a successful networker, and knows several hundred of Void City\'s \"norms\". Most respect him and his attitude about protecting \"the guys on the street\", and will gladly do him minor favors.

Other than his natural talent for using his \"strings\" and kawanaga (and some basic martial arts), Slack doesn\'t have a lot of combat training. Also, Slack tends to be overly concerned for the safety of innocent civilians. If fighting in a public area, He will often leave himself wide open.

One of Slack\'s biggest oddities is the fact that he doesn\'t use many of the words recognized by most people as swear words, opting instead for anachronistic terms, ranging from medieval (i.e. \"gehenna\" rather than \"hell\") to his grandparent\'s era (\"mother loving\" or \"turn purple\" or \"scrud in a bucket\") to \"futuristic\" (think Batman Beyond, or, if you\'re familiar with it, the lingo of the Shadowrun Role Playing Game). In severe conditions, he tends to mix the three up (Gehenna cursed motherloving fragface...). This isn\'t because of any moral imparative, it\'s just the way he talks.
Void fighters capable of sensing the supernatural will sense something from Slack, but it is almost impossible to tell what. (fighters wanting to make use of this in a fight can PM me for more info.)

Slack is concurrently running four storylines. Any particular Battle or Beyond Battles comic will be furthering the story on one of them. These storylines are:

PART ONE: The Bingo Book.
Shortly after Slack began his career as a Void fighter, a notebook was left in his apartment. This notebook, or \"bingo book\" as it was called by an unknown voice on the telephone, contained complete information on every Void fighter, strengths, weaknesses, tactics, secrets. Especially secrets.

Slack vs. PunkRockGirl: Slack conducts a test of the bingo book\'s accuracy and tries to use the information to manipulate PunkRockGirl. The test is successful.
Slack vs. Gears: After meeting a newcomer to Void, Slack finds out that the bingo book is updating itself.
Blaze vs Slack: Slack realizes that even though the knowledge in the bingo book could make him a target, he has to rely too much on luck without it.
Slack vs. Caesar: Slack meets up with an overenthusiastic 8-year-old fanboy by the name of Denny, who points him in the direction of Caesar. He offers Caesar some information from the Bingo Book, then gets a rib broken later that day in the arena.

PART TWO: Substandard, Superstandard, Synthetic
Dr. Aloysius Brown gave Slack what he asked for: in a world where the cheapest cyberarm costs 500 wulongs, Doc Brown built him one for 50. His cyberlimbs are supposed to be bottom of the barrel, barely functional. So why do they work as well as gear ten times the cost?

Ger\'s Spirit Void vs. Slack: On top of the revelation that natural nerves are growing into his cyberreplacements, Slack also finds out that he has begun to bleed silver. What repercussions this will have has yet to be shown.

Slack is highly empathic towards the people of Void City, and is also aware that they are in constant danger due to the battling going on everywhere. His protective tendencies sometimes pull him into situations beyond his control...

Slack vs. Burake: On his way home from his fight with Caesar, Slack pulls a maddened Burake off a civilian when he himself is snagged by the mysterious man who has been pulling Burake\'s strings. Slack wakes up later to find the armor plates of his legs smashed and the bingo book gone...

PART FOUR: Aku, Soku, Zan
As Slack assimilates the contents of the bingo book he begins to catagorize Void fighters into three groups: The Honorable, who tend to take their fights out of the reach of the general public; The Uncontrolled, who hurt innocents generally through lack of control; and the Unforgivable, who have no respect for humanoid life. The first group he fights to pay the bills. The second group he fights to warn. The third group he fights to eliminate.




I will always accept challenges for scar and death matches. This is why.
Slack is a hero in a world populated by titans. My intention when I created him was to have someone barely able to keep up in a real fight, as most of the other fighters are more powerful, better trained, or both. As such, Slack has to put more of himself into his fights in order to have a chance. Hence, scar and death matches. If Slack loses, it\'s because he was simply outclassed. If he wins, it\'s because he fights to win, and to win he had to attempt something that was beyond his ability to control. I don\'t take either type of specialty match personally, it\'s just something that happens at his level of ability.
If I challenge you to a Scar match, it\'s because I think Slack\'s had it too easy lately. Accept, decline, or let me know that you don\'t want a scar match and I\'ll re-issue the challenge. No biggie. If I\'m challenging you to a death match, there\'s probably a reason (Never a personal reason just something in the storyline that leads me that way.) You\'ll get full disclosure in the challenge email, and I\'m happy to answer any questions you may have before you accept or decline.

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