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Jane by rainblug
 Gender: "Who needs to know?"
 Height: 5'1"
 Created: August 20th, 2022
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"I'm ANAB (Assigned Necromancer At Birth)."

Priscilla Jane Goodman

22 (forever)


Jane discovered Void City while dimension hopping from [REDACTED] & that's honestly all people need to know!
She often tells herself that she only came to live in the city to both scam people & to find various other forms of extremely questionable work to do with fellow baddies, but she’s actually looking for someone who can kill her.

Blunt / casual / curious / daredevil / #depressed / direct / hot & cold / instigates / irreverent / nosy / observant / opportunistic / resolute / sarcastic / secretive / sentimental / spontaneous / witty / occasional worrywart / believes in doing some good deeds in order to "cancel out" her many bad deeds / can get flustered easily if she genuinely likes/cares about someone

- Only really knows how to use knives effectively
- High pain tolerance: doesn't really react to small-to-medium wounds
- Regenerative abilities: small wounds heal fast, big wounds take a while to heal, etc.
- Demonskin computer: can be used to open portals, pinpoint peoples locations, gain access to nearby devices a person has, be used as a regular ol’ computer in regards to hacking, etc.
- Necromancy by blood: can rot through dead flesh & control/raise the dead via touch & her own blood, HOWEVER, these abilities are subdued by her necklace, which she mostly never takes off for the following reason: she risks being unwillingly exposed to all of the fragmented "Dead Noise" (dead peoples memories, feelings, etc.) that is around her, & this particular side effect isn’t something she can tolerate for very long, nor hone in on & control

- Touching her necklace can get Very Strong reactions out of her
- Has a motorcycle license & often rents random motorcycles to ride around the city
- Can be found hanging around places that have water (pools, lakes, beaches, etc.) & on roofs of tall buildings
- Doesn’t like vampires for [REDACTED] reasons & will cyberbully, troll, prank, dunk on, etc. them any time she can realistically get away with doing so

"Dude... everyone knows bad girls go to heaven."

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