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 Gender: Male
 Height: 6'0
 Created: June 3rd, 2022
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Elliott Clochard is a boydguard, tough guy, florist, brotherly figure and occasional biker.

He works directly under Parfüm's leader: Madame, who oversees a high end Brothel in Void City called "Velvet Orchid". A manor where he keeps an eye out for the worker's well-being.

As a meta, his ablities are relatively basic:
-Super strength
-Inhuman Stamina
-Incredible Durability

Knives and bullets hurt him, but do not incapacitate him. However, his abilities CAN be "turned off", which he usually does whenever he gets into the boxing ring (but nowhere else, not even in his own home)

His loyalty to Madame and Parfüm's heir- Ivy, is unmovable; he sees them as family and will go to any means necessary if it means protecting them.

-Beneath the rough exterior, he's very sensitive
-He's quick to defend the helpless
-Enjoys music and dancing
-Has 2 dobermans (Duchess & Mademoiselle), they watch over the flower shop
-Said flowershop is the bottom floor of his house. The name of the shop is "Forget-me-not"

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