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Lizzie by marrionberrypi
 Gender: Girl, probably
 Height: 4'0(varies)
 Created: February 21st, 2022
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Lizzy appears at first glance to be a cheerful and friendly child, full of unconditional enthusiasm and kindness for anyone who she meets. This is... not exactly false, but it is not the whole truth.

In the town nestled in the forest she has made her home there is a story about a mysterious and hungry thing that eats anyone who is unfortunate enough to wander those woods after dark. This is also not the whole truth.

The smiling child in the tattered dress is the hungry thing with teeth that tear and claws that catch. Most monsters that were once human think of their humanity and their monstrosity as in constant conflict. In some, the monster wins, in some, the human. Few of these have been monsters for quite as long as Lizzy.

Lizzy thinks she can remember when her and her hunger were still fighting like that. That wasn't fun for anyone. Much better now that they get along. This way the child gets to make friends and the monster gets to have food. What does it matter if they're the same people?

She makes it quick. She makes it painless. They die with a friend by their side. They were gonna die so soon anyway. This way they die helping a friend. This way they die happy.

Lizzy does not like people or monsters that take joy in causing their victims pain.

Lizzy does not think of herself as better or worse than her friends. After all, they can die. Dying seems nice sometimes, but it doesn't seem like a thing that Lizzy can do. Besides, living is pretty nice too. There's all kindsa stuff you can't do when you're dead. You can't be happy, you can't climb trees, you can't make friends. You can't do anything at all.

Lizzy used to get really upset about the fact that she was a monster. She doesn't anymore. Life's too short to sit around feeling sorry for yourself. Or in Lizzy's case, it's far too long to.

Age: Like 8 (Old beyond memory)
Weight: Light (Varies)
Species: Vampire?
Family: No
Occupation: Child, Monster

Personality: Lizzie is an upbeat, enthusiastic and friendly child, an unstoppable force of positivity and friendship. She also kills and eats people. She makes no distinction between friends and food, and she considers just about everyone both. Despite her murderous tendencies, her kindness and positivity are fully genuine.

Backstory: Lizzie was a person once, she's pretty sure. She hasn't been one for a very long time. Long enough to get used to how everyone else keeps dying so fast all the time.

Abilities: Lizzie is very fast, very tough, and very good at killing people. She also has an extreme pain tolerance and regenerative capabilities which make her next to impossible to kill permanently. She also has some minor shapeshifting and extremely enhanced senses.

-Unshakeable positivity
-Occasional moments of deep insight on the human condition
-Arts and crafts :)

-Still a kid
-No sense of self-preservation
-Sunlight hurts worse than anything
-Wounds to the heart can keep her down for days
-Magic connected to the cycles of Life and Death can truly end her.

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