Cas’s Bio

A fortune teller, healer, and wanderer. Cas prefers to be alone. Not out of hostility or anxiety, but simply because he doesn’t enjoy socializing a whole lot. He’s friendly enough, and will nod along if spoken to, but deep down he severely lacks interest in polite conversation. He’s calm and laid-back, almost lazy or apathetic at times. Once he does start talking he can ramble for hours, yet rarely says much about himself or his past. Always on the move, Cas never stays in one town for more than a few weeks at a time, selling cures and fortunes before moving on. He can come across as sketchy sometimes, as a healer who asks no questions and charges for everything, but he doesn’t have any real ill intent. Despite how he refuses to do anything for free, he wouldn’t let someone die solely out of selfishness. He dislikes conflict and will avoid any form of it, though isn’t a pacifist if he truly feels threatened. He won’t start fights, but he will end them. His magic affects living flesh; he can either heal or harm with spells. A quick hex can easily break bones, blind others, and much more; any physical damage is theoretically possible. Harmful effects are temporary, or otherwise heal at normal rates. His tattoo boosts the strength of his magic, but he can cast without it if needed. The fortune telling is legit and truthful, though is often either very vague or unhelpfully specific.