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 Gender: Female
 Height: 180
 Created: February 20th, 2022
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Amelia, 23 years old.

Amelia is a lone wolf, and this behaviour started from her time in an orphanage where she was left as a kid. Rough conditions made her quickly realise that the world is not a perfect place to live in, and you need to crawl up towards the light to survive.

“Against the odds”.

One day a strange man adopted Amelia: at that time, he was wearing a long coat, and his eyes were blocked out by sunglasses. Soon she learned that he was one of the Summoners: group of individuals, possessing abilities that no regular human can achieve. He chose her to join the Summoners as his successor, to inherit his power of the Living Armoury and make the world a better place. Amelia accepted the offer – after all, he was the only person she trusted at this time.

However, the Summoners weren’t as trustworthy as she thought. More than that, she soon realised that most Summoners use their abilities for personal gain and entertainment. Seeing how cruel and dangerous they were, she'd had enough.

“Is this how it works: "survival of the fittest"? Lucky one wins the lottery while others suffer from ignorance and narcissism of those who are acting like gods? That’s not fair… If this is a game of gods and humans, then let’s make the game fair. Against the odds.”

She left the Summoners with a plan to one day eliminate the organisation and other people with supernatural abilities. To do so, she works as an anonymous bounty hunter that works with jobs like eliminating superhumans, magicians and hell spawns, while also figuring out how to get rid of the heritage system of Summoner’s abilities.

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