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Clever by Juxta
 Gender: Male
 Height: 6’4”
 Created: February 21st, 2022
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Clever is chatty, active, and excitable.

He is highly observant and feeds off of forming connections with people. His immense drive for external input leads him to being overbearing at times. He also has a habit of prying into affairs that don’t concern him.

That said, Clever will take any steps he can to peacefully deflect and avoid imminent conflict with others. His reputation is extremely important to him, and he prefers not to be taken seriously.


Clever is an autonomous surveyor unit from a private company. He acts as a vessel for gathering citizen information in Void. He is open about being an AI, but will not disclose the specific usage of the information collected, nor make it a point to tell people in advance. Info and profiles are transmitted via an encrypted format. He cannot transmit the information until he reaches a WIFI connection.


-Job Description-
Clever free roams the city 24/7. He has learned that picking up volunteer work allows him plenty of interaction, though he doesn’t tend to stay in one place long.

His frame can support or exert up to 1,000 lb (taking surface area into account). He can move no faster than the average human, and often uses public transit to get around.

-System Bug-
Clever keeps a database of faces/figures and attaches information to them in order to remember. However, if one was to change their appearance significantly (shapeshifting/heavy makeup/ect.), he will treat them as an entirely new person.

This is also true vice versa- he will acknowledge identical twins or clones as the same person.


Clever is waterproof (unless broken), but definitely cannot swim.
Cargo shorts enthusiast.
Can’t process pain, gets very emotional instead.

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