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Ruckus by Jade★
 Gender: Dude
 Height: Tallish
 Created: January 25th, 2022
Design sheet


Ruckus wasn't always a toon. His past is shrouded in mystery, but he showed up one day in Toon Town to ask King Jack Queen to make him a toon, pledging loyalty to the self-proclaimed kingpin's cause. Ruckus has served as a loyal toon goon, serving as Jack's muscle, herald, and comic relief ever since.

The transformation into a toon gave Ruckus some Roles and Archetypes to fulfill. As a "CalArts" toon, he fits the role of the bad boy villain who not-so-secretly cares, but acts selfish and callous. As a member of King Jack Queen's inner court, Ruckus has also inherited some of the slapstick humor that runs rampant among his more classical counterparts. His true motivations are always hidden behind layers of irony, lackadaisy, and meta-commentary.

On the surface, Ruckus seems like a goofy gangster who's up to no good. He's friendly and jovial, but he'll whack ya if "Da Boiss" orders it. At least his murders happen off-screen. More relatable that way.

As a modern toon, Ruckus works a bit differently from other toons. He follows realistic-ish physics, can't squash or stretch, can't see or interact with the audience beyond the fourth wall, and doesn't have access to hammerspace.

What he does have is Plot Armor™️. While he can get injured just like any non-toon vampire, he will always survive until his death serves an acceptable Plot Purpose™️; either receiving justice for his actions or performing a heroic, redeeming action. It may take him a while to come back from other forms of apparent death, but as long as the damage doesn't fulfill a good enough narrative end point, he'll always be back.

In addition, as a toon vampire, Ruckus has inherited all of the classic traits of vampires and Dracula representations in modern media:
  • Shape-shifting (has bat and monster forms as defaults, but can transform into other animals as well)
  • Levitation
  • Superhuman strength and speed
  • Glamour/mesmerization
  • Can turn into mist
  • Localized weather control
  • Bloodsucking (as a toon, is able to drink any liquid that looks enough like blood, e.g. tomato juice)
  • Cannot enter a dwelling uninvited
  • Weakened by sunlight
  • Must sleep within Toon Town limits or on soil taken from Toon Town
  • Cannot cross running water larger than a small stream
  • DEATHLY allergic to garlic
  • Burned by holy water
  • Really creeped out by crosses

Additionally, Ruckus possesses a Magical Gangster Jacket, which allows him to access any kind of gun associated with mobsters and mafiosos. His toon nature also gives him access to gun-like props, which are generally useless. He hasn't quite gotten the hang of the jacket yet, so what he pulls out is more or less random, but usually a gun.


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